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Welcome to GSoC 2017 Ideas Page[edit]

Welcome to the Joomla! Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2017 project ideas page. As we move forward with the 207 version of the Joomla! GSoC, we will update this site with the ideas that have been submitted below.

Please keep in mind that projects need to be realistic and something that is able to be functionally completed by a student working full time for about ten weeks.

If you are interested in participating as a student please review the materials on applying that are available at Google. We strongly encourage you to ask questions about process and ideas on our joomla-gsoc mailing list.

Find examples of the last year at


Guidelines on Submitting Ideas[edit]

Everyone is invited to submit their ideas! You do not have to be a Google Summer of Code student or mentor to suggest one. If you have ideas for the Joomla Google Summer of Code Program please send them to us at this form:

Click for Ideas Submit Form

There are some important guidelines to submit ideas, please read these carefully before adding your ideas:

  • Ensure your idea is able to be completed in a fixed period of time. GSoC runs officially between May 30th 2017 and August 29th 2017. This is a short period of actual coding time. Ideas should respect the time that students have available for the program.
  • Keep ideas realistic. The ideas on this list should maintain a realistic amount of work for a single student, junior level-developer, who is working with a compressed timeline and a fixed completion ('pencils down') date.
  • The purpose of GSoC is to improve Joomla. This is not the time to add ideas for new extensions or features that may not be included. If the idea is related to the framework, please consult the framework team directly about new ideas to ensure there is interest in having the package included as an official Joomla Framework package.
  • When in doubt, reach out. If you're unsure if your idea belongs on this list, please post to the GSoC 2017 mailing list and ask about the community's interest.
  • No documentation-focused projects. Google Summer of Code is a program about code. We expect our students to document their work, but writing documentation for Joomla as a project does not align with the goals of GSoC.

Idea Pool[edit]

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