GSoC 2017 Student Selection Criteria

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Want to become a Joomla! Google Summer of Code student?[edit]

The community welcomes all enthusiast students to work with Joomla for Google Summer of Code 2017. We encourage you to “do your homework” studying about the GSoC program. This will help you to make an informed decision. :) Here are some resources for students to get familiar with the program:

Over the years we have seen many successful student projects. Here are a few tips for students to get an edge over their proposal.

  • Get familiar with Joomla Project.
  • Start contributing to the Project and engage with the Community.
    • Contribute to documentation.
    • Contribute to the development (see Issue Tracker).
      • Fix some known issues.
      • Support in verifying fixed issues.
      • Help us in strengthening the unit test coverage.
    • Help others by answering their questions (see Joomla Forums).
  • Start early discussing your proposal with the community on the Joomla GSoC Mailing list.


Selection Criteria[edit]

We will select the best proposals based on the following criteria:
(The quantity of students depends on the number of Joomla projects accepted in GSoC)

  • The quality of the proposal and its priority for Joomla Project.
  • Engagement of the student with the community and potential mentors.
  • Contributions by the student to the Joomla Project & Community.
  • Contributing to other Open Source Projects is a plus.

We are waiting for your proposal! :)