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==Municipality ==
Horn []
Horn []

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Multinational Organizations

European Union

Delegation to the United States [1]

United Nations

Regional Information Centre Europe [2]

UN in Turkmenistan [3]

UN Information Centre Cairo [4]

UN Infomation Centre in Paname [5]

United Nations Information Centre for the Caribbean Area [6]

UN in Swaziland [7]

The United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace [8]

World Health Organization

Regional Office for Africa [9]


The East African Community [10]

ECOWAS Small Arms Control Programme [11]

Secretariat of the Pacific Community [12]

Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe [13]

Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa Programmes(COMESA) [14]

International Security Assistance Force (NATO) [15]

B7 Baltic Islands Network [16]


Ministry of Education [17]

Independent Directorate of Local Governance [18]

Criminal Justice Task Force [19]

Control and Audit Office [20]

Government Media and Information Center (English) [21]

Government Media and Information Center (Dari) [22]

Government Media and Information Center (Pashto) [23]

Afghanistan Civil Service Institute [24]

Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission [25]

Civil Service Management Department [26]


Ministry of Foreign Affairs [27]

Institute of Social Security [28]

Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Water Administration [29]

AlbInvest [30]

National Food Authority [31]

Regional Directorate of Health - South [32]

Municipality of Fier [33]


Portal of the Prime Minister [34]

National Archives [35]

Ministry of National Planning [36]

Directorate of Trade [37]


Instituto Nacional de Luta Contra a Sida [38]

Antigua and Barbuda

National Office of Disaster Services [39]


President of Argentina [40]

Direccion Nacional de Informacion y Evaluacion de la Calidad Educativa [41]

Programa de Servicios Agrícolas Provinciales [42]

Tourism of the Municipality of Capilla del Monte [

Government of the Province of La Rioja [43]

Education Department of Government of the Province of La Rioja [44]

Domestic Trade Department of Government of the Province of La Rioja [45]

Department of Mental Health Government of the Province of Mendoza [46]

Buenos Aires Provincial Institute of Public Administration [47]

Honorable Court of Auditors Buenos Aires Province [48]

Municipality of Cipolletti [49]

Municipality of Dos De Mayo [50]

Famaillá City [51]

Government of the Province of Misiones [52]

Free Software Mission of the Government of the Province of Misiones [53]

Trade and Integration - Government of the Province of Misiones [54]

Ministry of Health - Government of Entre Rios [55]

Sitio Oficial Turístico de Valle Hermoso [56]


Department of Economic Affairs [57]


Darren Cheeseman MP [58]

Department of Environment and Conservation [59]

Education and Training International [60]

High Court of Australia [61]

Keep Australia Beautiful WA [62]

National Capital Authority [63]

Premier of South Australia [64]

QRAA Queensland Government [65] SmartForms [66]

Regional Marine Planning [67]

Public Health Information Development Unit[68]

Wimmera Catchment Authority [69]

Cobaw Community Health Service [70]

Kiama Library [71]

City of Geraldton-Greenough Library [72]

Narromine Shire Council [73]

Devonport City Council [74]


Board of Education of Lower Austria [75]

Advocacy For People With Disabilities [76]

Austrian Association of Cities and Towns [77]

Federal Office for Viticulture [78]

Horn [79]

Kötschach-Mauthen [80]

Oberwart [81]

Radenthein [82]

Sankt Valentin [83]

Schwarzach [84]


Ministry of Foreign Affairs [85]

Ministry of Economic Development [86]

Civil Service Commission [87]

Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations [88]


Main country website [89]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs [90]

Boalmari Upazila [91]

Bangladesh Embassy in Brussels [92]

Mongla Prt Authority [93]

Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board [94]

Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy [95]

Access 2 Information [96]

Bangladesh Rural Development Board [97]


National Council for Science and Technology [98]

Fair Trading Commission [99]

Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office [100]


ICT en Zorg, from REB Vlaanderen, an initiative of the Vlaamse Minister van Onderwijs en Vorming [101]

CODA-CERVA, the federal 'Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Centre' by the Federal government [102]


Supreme Court [103]

Ombudsman [104]

Army [105]


Vicepresidencia de la Nación [106]

Ministerio de Hidrocarburos y Energía [107]

Ministerio del Trabajo y Previsión Social [108]

Ministerio de Desarrollo Productivo [109]

Ministerio de Autonomía [110]

Gobierno Autónomo Departamental de Tarija [111]

Gobierno Autónomo Municipal de Cobija [112]

Gobierno Autónomo Departamental de Pando [113]

Gobierno Departamental de Tarija [114]

Insumos de Bolivia [115]

Programa de Gobierno sobre Electricidad [116]

Servicio Nacional de Areas Protegidas [117]

Servicio Salud Depratamental La Paz [118]

Gobernabilidad Democrática en Bolivia [119]

Bosnia Herzegovina

Statistical Council [120]

Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education [121]

Institut Za Standardizaciju [122]

Komisija Za Vrijednosne Papire [123]

Market Surveillance Agency [124]

Public Procurement Agency [125]

Civil Service Agency [126]

Commission for the Coordination of Youth Issues [127]

Agency for Pre-Primary and Secondary Education [128]

Office of Attorney General [129]

Directorate of Civil Aviation [130]

Ministry of Finance and Treasury [131]


Ministry of Education [132]

Ministry of Defense [133]

Brazilian Defense Industry [134]

Pará State Health Council [135]

5th Region Federal District Court [136]

Public Ministry of Paraíba [137]

Public Ministry of the Federal District and the Territories [138]

Applied Economic Research Institute [139]

National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform [140]

State Traffic Department of Acre [141]

State Traffic Department of Pernambuco [142]

São Paulo State Secretary of Metropolitan Transport [143]

National Programme For The Rational Use of Oil and Natural Gas - CONPET [144]

State Government of Paraíba [145]

Institute of Radioprotection and Dosimetry [146]

Superintendency for the Development of Amazonia (SUDAM) [147]

School of Government and Public Administration [148]

State University of Paraíba [149]

Communication and Information System (SIC) / National Institute of Educational Studies Anísio Teixeira (INEP) [150]

National School of Public Administration [151]

Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) [152]

Open University of Brazil [153]

Brazilian Mint [154]

Rio de Janeiro State Foundation for Support to the Technical School (FAETEC) [155]

Union Public Defender's Office [156]

FNDE - National Fund for Development of Education [157]

Casa de Oswaldo Cruz (COC) / Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ) [158]


Executive Energy Efficiency Agency [159]

Operational Programme Administrative Capacity [160]

National Service for Agricultural [161]

Regional Administration Kyustendil [162]

Regional Administration Pernik [163]

Regional administration of Sofia Region [164]

Burkina Faso

Ministry Of Youth And Employment [165]


Farm Products Council [166]


Senate of the Kingdom of Cambodia [167]

Supreme Court and Prosecutor's General Office [168]

National Institute of Statistcs [169]

National Employment Agency [170]

Accreditation Committee of Cambodia [171]

Council for Administrative Reform []

Immigration Department [172]

General Department of National Treasury [173]

Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority [174]

Cambodian National Petroleum Authority [175]

Demand for Good Governance Project [176]

Ministry of Justice [177]

Ministry of Tourism [178]

Ministry of Rural Development [179]

National Multi Sector Orphans and Vulnerable Children Task Force [180]

Tonle sap Authority [181]

Cape Verde

President of Cape Verde [182]


Embassy to the United States [183]

National Bureau of Statistics-DANE [184]

Statistics Portal [185]

Secretaría del Gobierno de Bogotá [186]

Secretaría del Interior y Convivencia Ciudadana [187]

Ministry of Transport [188]

Institute of Tourism and Culture Caquetta [189]

Mass Transit Medellin [190]

Urban Development Corporation Medellín [191]

Department of Security [192]

Malvinas Hospital [193]

Superintendency of Notaries and Registration [194]

Columbian Institute of Geology and Mining [195]

Salt Cathedral [196]

Commission for the Regulation of Communications [197]

Regional Autonomous Corporation CORNARE [198]


Comunidad Tecnológica [199]

Concace [200]

Instituto Forestal [201]

Instituto de Desarrollo Agropecuario [202]

Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería [203]

Dirección de Crédito Prendario [204]

Instituto de Previsión Social [205]

Servicio Nacional de Pesca [206]

Municipalidad de Aihue [207]

Municipalidad de Algarrobo [208]

Municipalidad de Alto Hospicio [209]

Municipalidad de Arauco [210]

Municipalidad de Buin [211]

Municipalidad de Cabildo [212]

Municipalidad de Cauquenes [213]

Municipalidad de Chonchi [214]

Municipalidad de Cobquecura [215]

Municipalidad de Coronel [216]

Municipalidad de El Tabo [217]

Municipalidad de Fresia [218]

Municipalidad de Las Guaitecas [219]

Municipalidad de Iquique [220]

Municipalidad de Lanco [221]

Municipalidad de Lautaro [222]

Municipalidad de Lo Barnechea [223]

Municipalidad de Loncoche [224]

Municipalidad de Los Alamos [225]

Municipalidad de Los Lagos [226]

Municipalidad de Lumaco [227]

Municipalidad de Mafil [228]

Municipalidad de Maullin [229]

Municipalidad de Melipilla [230]

Municipalidad de Mulchen [231]

Municipalidad de Nancagua [232]

Municipalidad de Ninhue [233]

Municipalidad de Ovalle [234]

Municipalidad de Panguipulli [235]

Municipalidad de Pedro Aguirre Cerda [236]

Municipalidad de Pinto [237]

Municipalidad de Providencia [238]

Municipalidad de Puerto Montt [239]

Municipalidad de Puqueldon [240]

Municipalidad de Quemchi [241]

Municipalidad de Quirihue [242]

Municipalidad de Talcahuano [243]

Municipalidad de Villa Alegre [244]

Servicio Vivienda y Urbanismo Región Metropolitana [245]

Servicio Vivienda y Urbanismo Región O'Higgins [246]

Agencia Regional Desarrollo Productivo Antofagasta [247]

Agencia Regional Desarrollo Productivo O'Higgins [248]

Ministerio de Justicia [249]

Servicio Nacional de la Mujer [250]

Portal Compras Públicas Chilecompra [251]

Dirección General del Territorio Marítimo [252]

Fundación para la promoción y desarrollo de la mujer PRODEMU [253]

Fundación de la Familia [254]

Dirección para la Comunidad de Chilenos en el Exterior [255]

Comité de Inversiones Extranjeras [256]

Corporación Nacional Indígena [257]

Junta Nacional de Jardines Infantiles [258]

División de Organizaciones Sociales Participemos [259]

Instituto de Previsión Social [260]

Instituto de Desarrollo Agropecuario [261]

Instituto Nacional de Propiedad Intelectual [262]

Servicio de Salud Metropolitano Occidente [263]

Servicio Médico Legal [264]

Superintendencia de Quiebras [265]

Cámara de Comercio Asia Pacífico [266]

Cámara de Comercio Quiplué [267]

Cámara de Comercio Valparaíso [268]

Cámara de Comercio Antofagasta [269]

Cámara Regional de Comercio Valpo [270]

Cook Island

Business Trade Investment Board [271]

Office of the Prime Minister [272]

Ministry of Finance and Economic Management [273]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration [274]

Ministry of Education [275]

Ministry of Cultural Development [276]


Secretaría de Bienestar Social [277]

Ministerio de Finanzas Públicas [278]


Dubai Civil Defence [279]

Ministry of Foreign Trade WTO [280]

Financial Audit Authority [281]

National Transport Authority [282]

Ajman Free Zone Authority [283]

Hamdan Educational Award [284]


President of Ecuador [285] here is the vídeo when the former president Rafael Correa ask the goverment to use Open Source [286]

Ministerio de Salud Pública [287]

Ministerio de Coordinación y Desarrollo Social - Infoinclusión [288]

Ministerio Coordinador de Patrimonio [289]

Secretaria Nacional de Telecomunicaciones [290]

Corporación Financiera Nacional [291]

Ministerio de Industrias y Productividad [292]

Sistema Nacional de Información [293]


Alexandria Port Authority [294]

Aswan [295]


Ministry of Energy and Mines [296]


Addis Ababa City [297]


CSA [299]

EIAR [300]

Election Ethiopia [301]

EWCA [302]

HAPCO [303]

Harar Municipality [304]

HOF Ethiopia [305]

Kolfekernio [306]

Modfed [307]

MOH [308]

MOYS [309]

Ogaden [310]


SRS [312]


Fiji Government Online Portal [313]

Department of Immigration [314]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation [315]

Fiji Police Force [316]


Eiffel Tower [317]

Journal Officiel [318]

Direction de la sécurité de l'aviation civile sud ouest [319]

L’Observatoire national de l’enfance en danger [320]

Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d'Auvergne [321]


Ministry of Economy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism [322]

Department of Procurement [323]


Official Government Web Portal [324]

Ministry of Works, Construction and Infrastructure [325]

Ministry of Petroleum [326]

Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education [327]

Ministry of Economic Planning and Industrial Development [328]

Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology [329]

Ministry of the Interior [330]

Ministry of Finance [331]

Ministry of Health and Social Welfare [332]

Ministry of Tourism and Culture [333]

Ministry of Youth and Sports [334]

Personnel Management Office [335]

Public Service Commission [336]

Gambia Immigration Department [337]

Judiciary of The Gambia [338]

National Planning Commission [339]


Kutaisi City [340]

Gori Municipality [341]

Inspection of Environmental Protection [342]

Support Georgian Book and Literature [343]


AStA der RWTH Aachen [344]

Gemeinde Brüggen [345]

Stadt Adenau [346]

Stadt Braunlage [347]

Stadt Neubrandenburg [348]

Stadt Kolbermoor [349]

Stadt Seeland [350]

Stadt Sulzbach/Saar [351]

Stadt Wertingen [352]


Ghana Government Official Portal [353]


Government of Gibraltar [354]

Gibraltar Health Authority [355]


Ministry of Education [356] [357] [358] [359]

Portal of Municipality of Nea Smirni [360] [361]

Municipality of Nikaia, Attica [362]


CWA 2010 [363]


President of Guayana [364]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs [365]


Présidence de la République de Guinée [366]

Hong Kong

Family Friendly Employers [367]


Competition Commission of India [368]

Wildlife Institute of India [369]

Government of Kerala [370]

Kerala Forests and Wildlife Department [371]

Non-resident Keralites' Affairs [372]

District Court Thiruvanathapuram Website [373]

Unique Identification Authority of India [374]

Government of Mizoram - Department of Cooperation [375]

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike [376]


Main country website [377]

State Secretariat [378]

National Election Commission [379]

Ministry of Environment [380]

Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprise [381]

Ministry of Empowerment of Women and Child Protection [382]

Ministry of State Apparatus & Bureaucracy Reform [383]

Ministry of Health [384]

Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources [385]

Directorate General of Higher Education [386]

Directorate General of Taxes [387]

Media Center, Ministry of Defense [388]

Geological Survey Centre of Geological Agency, Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources [389]

Training, Research & Development Body, Ministry of Religious Affairs [390]

Lajnah Pentasihan Mushlaf Al-Qur'an, Ministry of Religious Affairs [391]

Hydro-Oceanographic Office, Indonesian Navy [392]

Serdang Bedagai Regency of North Sumatera Province [393]

Karo Regency of North Sumatera Province [394]

Regional House of Representatives, Rokan Hilir Regency of Riau Province [395]

Pemalang Regency of Central Java Province [396]

Regional House of Representatives, Tulungagung Regency of East Java Province [397]

South Kalimantan Province [398]

Gorontalo Province [399]

Sinjai Regency of South Sulawesi Province [400]

Aceh Syari'ah Court [401]

National Commission for Child Protection [402]

National Commission for Human Rights [403]

Judicial Commission [404]

Office of Cooperatives and SME, East Java Province [405]

Information & Documentation Officer, Office of Cooperatives and SME, East Java Province [406]

Office of Labour, Transmigration & Population, East Java Province [407]

Zakat Infaq & Sadaqah Management Body, Jakarta Special Capitol Region Province [408]

Office of Natural Recources Conservation in Central Kalimantan, Ministry of Forestry [409]


Ayatollah Ali Khamenei [410]

National Portal for Electronic Service of Iran (English) [411]

National Portal for Electronic Service of Iran [412]


Baghdad Governorate [413]

Inspector General Office [414]

SOMO Oil Marketing Company [415]


Civil Aviation Authority [416]

Ministry of Transport and Road safety [417]


City of Capoterra [418]

Ministry of Economic Development [419]

Directorate-General for Anti-Counterfeiting Italian Patent and Trademark Office [420]

Minister for the Equal Opportunities [421]

Unioncamere [422]


Government of Kyrgyzstan [423]

Ministry of Transport and Communications [424]

National Library [425]


Houses of Parliament [426]


Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation [427]

Ministry of the Interior General Directorate Of Gendarmerie [428]

Jordan Aid Information Managment System [429]

Jordan Deposit Insurance Corporation [430]

Telecommunication Regulatory Commission [431]

Tourism Police Department [432]

National Resources Authority [433]


Ministry of Agriculture [434]

Ministry of Defence [435]

Ministry of Communication and Information [436]

Agency of Construction, Housing and Utilities [437]


Ministry of Foreign Affairs [438]


Luang Prabang Province [439]

Ministry of Agriculture [440]

Ministry of Education [441]

Ministry of Energy and Mines [442]

Ministry of Health [443]

National Authority of Science and Technology [444]

National Authority of Post and Telecommunications [445]

Statistics Bureau [446]


Main government website [447]


Municipality of Zgharta [448]

Central Administration of Statistics [449]


Ministry of Education [450]

Ministry of Natural Resources [451]


Anti-Corruption Commission [452]

Judiciary []

Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs [453]


Several Government ministry web sites are reported by google as being Joomla but the entire internet for Libya seems to be out of reach at the moment


Macau Government Tourist Office [454]

Unitary Police Service [455]

Office for Preparation of Macau's Participation in World Expo Shanghai [456]


Le Conseli Supérieur de la Transition [457]

Ministère des Finances et du Budget [458]

Ministère de L'Energie et des Mines [459]

Ministère de L'Environnement et des Forêts [460]

Ministère de la Sécurité Intérieure [461]

Ministère des Forces Armees [462]

Ministère de l'Agriculture [463]

Ministère de la Population et des Affaires Sociales [464]

High Constitutional Court [465]


Official Site of the Malawi Government [466]

Financial Intelligence Unit [467]

Ministry of Finance [468]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs [469]

Office of the Director of Public Procurement [470]


Department of National Planning [471]

Environment Protection Agency [472]

Maldives Pension Administration Office [473]


Primature [474]

Ministère de l'Economie et des Finances [475]

Direction Générale des Marchés Public et des Délegations de Service Public [476]

Direction Nationale des Domaines et du Cadastre [477]

Ministry of Health [478]

entre Nationale de Traitement des Informations Financières [479]


Eco-Gozo [480]


Bicentenary Celebrations [481]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs [482]

National Fund for the Promotion of the Crafts [483]


Academy of Public Administration [484]

Ministry of Transport [485]


200+ Government Websites [486]


Institute for the Education of Montenegro [487]


Regional African Centre of Science, Technology and Space [488]

Ministry of Education [489]

Ministry of Culture [490]

Center for Training in ICT for Education [491]


Department of Meteorology and Hydrology [492]

Ministry of Science and Technology [493]

Myanma Port Authority [494]


De Sociale Inlichtingen [495]

e-overheid [496]

Stichting ICTU [497]

Patent Office [498]


Corporate Affairs Commission [499]

Cross River State Government [500]

Education Trust Fund [501]

Federal Capital Territory Administration [502]

National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons [503]

National Pension Commission [504]

Nigerian financial Intelligence Unit [505]

Petroleum Technology Development Fund [506]

River State [507]

Northern Mariana Islands

Department of Public Saftey [508]

Homeland Security [509]


Higher Education Admissions Centre [510]

Ministry of Higher Education Graduate Survery System [511]

Palestinian territories

The Governmental Committee for breaking the siege [512]

Financial and Administrative Control Bureau [513]

Judicial Authority [514]

Ministry of Agriculture [515]

Papua New Guinea

Bank of Papua New Guinea [516]

Investment Promotion Authority [517]

National Disaster Centre [518]


Central Bank of Paraguay [519]

Ministry of Mines and Energy []

General Children's Hospital [520]

National Civil Aeronautics [521]


Ministerio de la Producción de Perú [522]

Municipalidad distrital de Munihuarochiri [523]

Dirección de salud de Lima: [524]

Banco Central de la Reserva de Perú: [525]

Ministerio de Cultura [526]

Instituto Nacional Telecomunicaciones [527]

Gobierno Regional de Moquegua [528]

Gobierno Municipal de Puno [529]

Municipalidad Provincial Hualgayoc - Bambamarca [530]

Municipalidad Provincial de Pasco [531]

Municipalidad Provincial Yunguyo [532]

Municipalidad de Simón Bolivar [533]

Municipalidad Distrital de Paucarpata [534]

Municipalidad Distrital de Punta Negra [535]

Municipalidad Distrital de Víctor Larco Herrera [536]

Municipalidad Distrital de Paucartambo [537]

Municipalidad Provincial de Canas [538]

Programa de Compensación para la Competitividad [539]

Dirección Regional de Salud Pasco [540]

Municipalidad Distrital de Colan [541]

Dirección Regioan de Educación de Pasco [542]


Agencja Rynku Rolnego / Agricultural Market Agency [543]

Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów [544]

Civil Aviation Office [545]

Communal Office Sztabin [546]

Consumer Information Centre [547]

I Congress of Agriculture Sciences "Science for Practice" [548]

District Court in Białystok [549]

District Court in Białystok [550]

District Court in Busko Zdrój [551]

District Court in Kalisz [552]

District Court in Konin [553]

District Court in Kielce [554]

District Court in Krosno [555]

District Court in Olecko [556]

District Court in Szczecin [557]

District Court in Wrocław[558]

District Prosecutor's Office in Tarnobrzeg [559]

District Prosecutor's Office in Zamosc [560]

ePUAP - Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services [561]


European Information and Documentation Centre [563]

Government Legislation Centre [564]

The Head Office of State Archives [565]

Institute of Atomic Energy [566]

Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation [567]

Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine [568]

Kampinoski Park Narodowy / National Park [569]

Kujawsko-Pomorski Voivodship Office [570]

Nadleśnictwo Bystrzyca Kłodzka (Polish State Forests) [571]

National Archives in Poznan [572]

National Archives in Piotrków Trybunalski [573]

National Contact Point in Poland [574]

The Necki Institute of Experimental Biology [575]

Ministry of National Education [576]

Office of Electronic Communications in Poland (UKE) - Telecom Investment Support Team [577]

Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) [578]

PARSP / Post-Accession Rular Support Project [579]

Police Headquarters in Chodzież [580]

Police Headquarters in Bełchatów [581]

Police Headquarters in Bochnia [582]

Police Headquarters in Brzesko [583]

Police Headquarters in Gniezo [584]

Police Headquarters in Gostyń [585]

Police Headquarters in Konin [586]

Police Headquarters in Kościan [587]

Police Headquarters in Łęczyca [588]

Police Headquarters in Leszno [589]

Police Headquarters in Łódź [590]

Police Headquarters in Nowy Targ [591]

Police Headquarters in Nowy Sącz [592]

Police Headquarters in NowyTomyśl [593]

Police Headquarters in Oborniki [594]

Police Headquarters in Opoczno [595]

Police Headquarters in Opole / Komenda Wojewódzka Policji w Opolu [596]

Police Headquarters in Ostrzeszów [597]

Police Headquarters in Radomsko [598]

Police Headquarters in Piła [599]

Police Headquarters in Poznań [600]

Police Headquarters in Skierniewice [601]

Police Headquarters in Środa Wielkopolska [602]

Police Headquarters in Zakopane [603]

Polish Centre for Testing and Certification [604]

Portal of Polish Geological Institute [605]

Refugee Board[606]

Regional Office for Water Management in Gliwice [607]

The Regional Water Management Board in Krakow [608]

State Archive in Kalisz [609]

Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodship Office in Olsztyn. [610]


Institute of Administrative Development [611]

Republic of Macedonia

Ministry of Culture [612]

Municipality of Karposh [613]

Municipality of Gevgelija [614]

Municipality of Novo Selo [615]

Bureau of Metrology [616]

Hydrometeorological Service [617]

Institute for the Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia [618]

Energy Agency [619]

World Conference on Dialogue Among Religions and Civilizations [620]


Ministry of Education [621]

Saudi Arabia

Computer Emergency Response Centre [622]


Ministry of Finance [623]

Office of the President [624]

Department of Employment [625]


National Parks Singapore [626]

National Community Leadership Institute [627]

Outward Bound Singapore [628]


City/Town Halls

(NOTE: Bold indicates big town / city >40K)

Ayuntamiento de Aguilar de Campoo [629]

Ayuntamiento de Agulo [630]

Ayuntamiento de Alajeró [631]

Ayuntamiento de Alanís [632]

Ayuntamiento de Alcalá de Guadaíra [633]

Ayuntamiento de Alcolea de Calatrava [634]

Ayuntamiento de Aldeadávila [635]

Ayuntamiento de Algodonales [636]

Ayuntamiento de Aljaraque [637]

Ayuntamiento de Antigua [638]

Ayuntamiento de Añora [639]

Ayuntamiento de Aracena [640]

Ayuntamiento de Arraitz-Orkin [641]

Ayuntamiento de Artenara [642]

Ayuntamiento de Bailén [643]

Ayuntamiento de Belalcázar [644]

Ayuntamiento de Belchite [645]

Ayuntamiento de Breña Baja [646]

Ayuntamiento de Campo de Criptana [647]

Ayuntamiento de Caravaca de la Cruz [648]

Ayuntamiento de Castrelo do Val [649]

Ayuntamiento de Cella [650]

Ayuntamiento de Córdoba [651]

Ayuntamiento de El Paso [652]

Ayuntamiento de El Tanque [653]

Ayuntamiento de El Viso (Córdoba) [654]

Ayuntamiento de Espartinas [655]

Ayuntamiento de Fasnia [656]

Ayuntamiento de Fregenal de la Sierra [657]

Ayuntamiento de Granadilla de Abona [658]

Ayuntamiento de Guadalmez [659]

Ayuntamiento de Guardamar [660]

Ayuntamiento de Guimar [661]

Ayuntamiento de Ingenio [662]

Ayuntamiento de Jimena de la Frontera [663]

Ayuntamiento de Hermigua [664]

Ayuntamiento de Huelma [665]

Ayuntamiento de Illescas [666]

Ayuntamiento de la Victoria de Acentejo [667]

Ayuntamiento de la Villa de La Matanza de Acentejo [668]

Ayuntamiento de la Villa de Tegueste [669]

Ayuntamiento de Las Cabezas de San Juan [670]

Ayuntamiento de Las Torres de Cotillas [671]

Ayuntamiento de Los Llanos de Aridane [672]

Ayuntamiento de Macharaviaya [673]

Ayuntamiento de Madridejos [674]

Ayuntamiento de Madrigal de la Vera [675]

Ayuntamiento de Malagon [676]

Ayuntamiento de Mérida [677]

Ayuntamiento de Mogán [678]

Ayuntamiento de Mogarraz (Salamanca) [679]

Ayuntamiento de Niebla [680]

Ayuntamiento de Pájara [681]

Ayuntamiento de Palomares del Río [682]

Ayuntamiento de Peñaflor de Gállego [683]

Ayuntamiento de Pepino [684]

Ayuntamiento de Plasencia [685]

Ayuntamiento de Puebla de Don Rodrigo [686]

Ayuntamiento de Puerto de la Cruz [687]

Ayuntamiento de Quel [688]

Ayuntamiento de San Bartolomé [689]

Ayuntamiento de San Bartolomé de Tirajana [690]

Ayuntamiento de San Juan de la Rambla [691]

Ayuntamiento de San Martín de la Vega [692]

Ayuntamiento de San Martín de Montalbán [693]

Ayuntamiento de San Miguel de Abona [694]

Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián de la Gomera [695]

Ayuntamiento de Santa Brígida [696]

Ayuntamiento de Santa María de Guía de Gran Canaria [697]

Ayuntamiento de Segura de León [698]

Ayuntamiento de Soto del Real [699]

Ayuntamiento de Tazacorte [700]

Ayuntamiento de Tejeda [701]

Ayuntamiento de Telde [702]

Ayuntamiento de Tijarafe [703]

Ayuntamiento de Tórtola de Henares [704]

Ayuntamiento de Tuineje [705]

Ayuntamiento de Ubrique [706]

Ayuntamiento de Valderrubio [707]

Ayuntamiento de Valle Gran Rey [708]

Ayuntamiento de Valleseco [709]

Ayuntamiento de Valsequillo de Gran Canaria [710]

Ayuntamiento de Vega de San Mateo [711]

Ayuntamiento de Vegas del Genil [712]

Ayuntamiento de Villa de Mallén [713]

Ayuntamiento de Villa de Quer [714]

Ayuntamiento de Villanueva de Córdoba [715]

Ayuntamiento de Villanueva del Trabuco [716]

Ayuntamiento de Villaquilambre [717]

Chambers of Commerce

Cámara Oficial de Comercio e Industria de Alcoy [718]

Cámara Oficial de Comercio e Industria de Arévalo [719]

Cámara Oficial de Comercio e Industria de Ávila [720]

Cámara Oficial de Comercio e Industria de Badajoz [721]

Cámara Oficial de Comercio e Industria de León [722]

Cámara Oficial de Comercio e Industria de Linares [723]

Cámara Oficial de Comercio, Industria y Navegación de Pontevedra [724]


Centros Educativos de Castilla-La Mancha [725]

Portal de Centros Educativos de la Consejería de Educación de la Junta de Extremadura [726]

Rincones Didácticos. Consejería de Educación de la Junta de Extremadura [727]

Formación del Profesorado en línea, Consejería de Educación, Comunidad de Madrid [728]

Centro Nacional de Desarrollo Curricular en Sistemas no Propietarios (CeDeC) [729]

Observatorio para la calidad del e-Learning en Andalucía [730]

Political Parties

(NOTE: In alphabetical order, and up to a maximum of 3 per party, to avoid favoritism)

Fundación Progreso y Democracia [731]

Izquierda Unida de Albacete [732]

Izquierda Unida de Extremadura [733]

Izquierda Unida de Tenerife [734]

Partido Pirata [735]

Partido Popular de Andalucía [736]

Partido Popular de Canarias [737]

Partido Popular de Málaga [738]

Partido Socialista Obrero Español de Extremadura [739]

Partido Socialista Obrero Español de Murcia [740]

Partido Socialista Obrero Español de Ronda [741]


CENATIC - Centro Nacional de Referencia de Aplicación de las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación basadas en fuentes abiertas [742]

Instituto Gallego de Promoción Económica [743]

Dirección General de Trabajo y Empleo del Gobierno de Cantabria [744]

Agencia Provincial de la Energía de Cádiz [745]

Red de Espacios Tecnológicos de Andalucía [746]

Instituto Municipal de Formación y Empleo de Granada [747]

Consejo Consultivo de la Comunidad de Madrid [748]

Instituto de Investigación en Energía de Cataluña [749]

Sri Lanka

Government of Sri Lanka [750]

Government Information Centre [751]

Ministry of Justice [752]

Ministry of Higher Education [753]

Ministry of External Affairs [754]

Ministry of Transport [755]

Department of Immigration and Emigration [756]

University Grants Commission [757]

Western Province Regional Council [758]

Department of Pensions [759]

South Africa

National Youth Development Agency [760]

City of Johannesburg [761]

Province of the Northern Cape [762]

Province of the Eastern Cape - Transport [763]

Corporate Governance and Traditional Affairs [764]

Department of Communications [765]

Department of Social Development [766]

Limpopo Department of Agriculture [767]

Presidential National Commission on Information Society & Development [768]

St. Lucia

Ministry of Education and Culture [769]

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines []

Ministry of Foreign Affairs [770]

Ministry of Housing [771]

Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment [772]

Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning [773]


The Republic of Sudan Secretariat General [774]

Ministry of the Presidency Affairs [775]

Ministry of Tourism [776]

Ministry of Information and Communications [777]

Ministry of Irrigation and Water resources [778]

Ministry of Science and Technology [779]


Ministry of ATM [780]

Ministry of Trade and Industry [781]


Portal for Rural Syria [782]

Syrian Post [783]

General Organisation for Road Transport [784]


Construction and Planning Agency [785]

International Taiwan Service Portal (CT) [786]

International Taiwan Service Portal (EN) [787]

Taijiang National Park [788]


Government of Tchad [789]


Ministry of Science and Technology [790]

Mae Hong Son Province [791]

National Science and Technology Development Agency [792]

National Electronics and Computer Technology Center [793]

The National Telecommunications Commission [794]

Krabi Prolice [795]

The Secondary Education Service Area 20 [796]

National Research Counil of Thailand [797]

Department of Medical Sciences [798]

Chiangmai Provincial Labour Protection and Welfare Office [799]


Main government website [800]

Parliament of Tonga [801]

Ministry of Commerce [802]

Ministry of Information and Communications [803]

Official Web Site of The Tongan Monarchy [804]

Ministry of Education, Women Affairs and Culture [805]

Department of Statistics [806]


Main country website [807]

President of Tunisia [808]]


Governorship of Kocaeli - EU Projects Coordination Center [809]

Governorship of Ordu [810]

Çankırı Youth Centre[811]

Malatyadh State Hospital [812]

Omer Nalbantoğlu Training Dormitory [813]

Mufti Kahta [814]

Sirnak Revenue [815]

Adiyaman Mentally Handicapped Rehabilitation and Education Center [816]

Board of Higher Education [817]

Youth Centres [818]

Muftumuz District [819]

Sultangazi City [820]

Duzce Ataturk State Hospital [821]

Kayseri Youth Center [822]

Izmir Port Authority [823]

Topcali Village [824]

Yenikent Public Education [825]

Malatya City [826]

Narlidere Municipality [827]

Gemlik District [828]

Eregli District Directorate of Agriculture [829]

Bolu Provincial Disaster and Emergency Management [830]

Uskudar State Hospital [831]


Chamber of Commerce and Industry [832]


Uganda Parliament [833]

Ministry of Health [834]

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology [835]

National Banana Research Program [836]

National Education Support Center [837]

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs [838]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs [839]

National Council for Science and Technology [840]

National Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy [841]

Ministry of Water and Environment [842]

Judiciary of Uganda [843]

Igana District [844]

Bushenyi District [845]

Mayuge District [846]

Uganda Police Force [847]

National Roads Authority [848]


Lviv City [849]

Hlobynskoyi City Council [850]

State Organisation Works [851]

State Scientific Institution [852]

Burinska District [853]

Renyyskoy rayonnoy State Administration [854]

Berehiv District [855]

State Agency for Science, Innovation and Information [856]

State Prison Service [857]

State Agency of Ukraine Water Resources [858]

United Kingdom

Ministry of Defense [859]

Serious Organised Crime Agency [860]

UK Foreign Office Awards ceremony [861]

UK Parliamentary Press Gallery [862]

Department for Environment & Rural Affairs [863]

Strathclyde Police Authority [864]

Salisbury City Council [865]

Stroud Town Council [866]

Thame Town Council [867]

Central Scotland Fire and Rescue Service [868]

Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation [869]

Sustainable Development in Government [870]

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust [871]

The Scottish Adult Neuro-Oncology Network [872]

South Central Clinical Networks (NHS) [873]

Bassetlaw NHS [874]

National Procurement [875]

Tetbury Town Council [876]

Wiltshire Police [877]

Bristol Community Health [878]

United Arab Emirates

General Authority of Youth and Sport Welfare [879]

Department of Civil Defence [880]

Ajman Free Zone [881]

Dubai Export Development Corporation [882]

United States of America

Federal Agencies

US Air Force AFPIMS Resource Center [883]

Interagency Resources Management Conference [884]

NASA Laser Vegetation Imaging Sensor [885]

NASA Virtual Magnetospheric Observatory [886]

Standard Labor Data Collection and Distribution Application [887]

US Commission on International Religious Freedom [888]

NOAA Large Marine Ecosystems of the World [889]

US Group on Earth Observations [890]

US Department of Agriculture - Coastal Commission [891]

US Bankruptcy Court District of Kansas [892]

US Army Architecture [893]

US Army Corp of Engineers, Los Angeles [894]

US Army Enterprise Solutions Competency Center [895]

US Navy Standard Labor Data Collection and Distribution Application [896]

US Central Command [897]

US Military Leadership Diversity Commission [898]

US Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office [899]


Denali Commission [900]


Commission on the Status of Women [901]

Calexico [902]

Port of San Diego [903]


City of Boulder [904]


Orange County Comptroller [905]

Space Florida [906]

City of Sebastian [907]

Sebastian Police Department [908]

City of Sebastian Economic Development [909]

City of Sebastian Municipal Golf Course [910]

City of Sebastian Municipal Airport [911]

City of Sebastian Retirement Site [912]


City of Atlanta Geographic Information System (GIS) [913]

City of Dalton [914]

Counsil of State Court Judges [915]


Department of Labor [916]


City and County of Honolulu's Department of Transportation Services (DTS) [917]


Iowa Department of Education [918]

Iowa Insurance Division - Flood Awareness [919]

Iowa College Student Aid Commission [920]


Heyworth [921]

Mattoon [922]


City of Richmond [923]


Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission [924]

City of Emporia [925]


Frankfort Transit [926]


Baltimore Police [927]


Minnesota Pollution Control Agency [928]


Bay St. Louis [929]

Native American

Burns Paiute Reservation [930]

Hualapai Tribal Nation [931]


Department of Health and Human Services [932]

Division of Mental Health and Development Services [933]

New Hampshire

Town of Goffstown [934]

Town of Milton [935]

Town of New Castle [936]

Town of Newmarket [937]

Town of Northwood [938]

Town of Plymouth [939]

Town of Strafford [940]

New York

City of Henrietta [941]

North Carolina

Alleghany County [942]

County of Moore [943]


Brown County [944]

City of Bexley [945]

Jackson Township [946]


Comanche County [947]

Oklahoma Department of Commerce [948]


Borough of Greencastle [949]


Texas Commission on the Arts [950]


Sevier County [951]


Department of Human Services News [952]

Utah GIS Portal [953]


Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission [954]

Washington D.C.

Destination DC [955]

West Virginia

City of Fairmont [956]


State of Wyoming Department of Agriculture [957]



Center for Coordination and Control over the Securities Market [958]

Official website of the Tashkent Regional Hokimiyat [959]


Government of Vanuatu [960]

Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit [961]

Malampa Province [962]


Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Alimentación [963]

Ministerio del Poder Popular del Ambiente [[964]]

Ministerio del Poder Popular para el Comercio [[965]]

Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Cultura [966]

Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Defensa [967]

Ministerio del Poder Popular para el Deporte [968]

Ministerio del Poder Popular para las Industrias Básicas y la Minería [969]

Ministerio del Poder Popular para los Pueblos Indígenas [970]

Ministerio del Poder Popular para las Relaciones Exteriores [971]

Ministerio del Poder Popular para las Relaciones Interiores y Justicia [972]

Ministerio del Poder Popular del Trabajo y Seguridad Social [973]

Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Mujer y la Igualdad de Género [974]


One Thousand Years of Culture [975]

Quang Nam Department of Foreign Affairs [976]

Chu Lai Open Economic Zone [977]

Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency [978]

National Institute of Science and Technology [979]

Strengthening Environmental Management and Land Administration [980]

Innovation Partnership Programme [981]


Ministry of Oil and minerals [982]


Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs [983]

Ministry of Water Resources Development and Management [984]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs [985]

Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation, and Irrigation Development [986]

Zimbabwe Government Online [987]

Ministry of Health and Child Welfare [988]

Ministry of Industry and Commerce [989]

Ministry of Education, Sports, Arts, and Culture [990]

Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender, and Community Development [991]

Ministry of Science and Technology Development [992]

Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperative Development [993]

Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement [994]

Ministry of Transport Communications and Infrastructural Development [995]

Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises Development [996]

Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry [997]

Ministry of Energy and Power Development [998]

Office of the Vice President [999]

Ministry of Public Service [1,000]