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| [[jhelp:screen.modules.15|screen.modules.15]]
| [[jhelp:screen.modules.15|screen.modules.15]]
| [[jhelp:screen.modules|screen.modules]]
| [[jhelp:screen.modules|screen.modules]]
| In use
| Under Construction, Welcome for more edits
| [[screen.mediamanager.15|Media Manager]]
| [[screen.mediamanager.15|Media Manager]]

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Help screens for Joomla! 1.5 have not progressed very far and we urgently need these to be completed. This list was compiled from Google Analytics data covering one month (29 Nov to 29 Dec 2007). Interestingly, there are only 32 help screens listed here. There are 63 help screens in total, so about half of the help screens were never accessed in the last month.

The following list is in order of importance:-

Help screen title (and link to wiki page) Path in Joomla! 1.5.x Joomla! 1.5.x help screen Joomla! 1.0.x help screen Status
Template Manager Extensions -> Template Manager screen.templates.15 screen.templates To be reviewed
Extensions Installer Extensions -> Install/Uninstall screen.installer.15 screen.installer To be reviewed
Global Configuration Site -> Global Configuration screen.config.15 screen.config Need someone to do Version Changes
Language Manager Extensions -> Language Manager screen.languages.15 screen.languages To be reviewed
Article Manager - New/Edit Content -> Article Manager -> New/Edit screen.content.edit.15 screen.content.edit Unknown
Module Manager - Edit Extensions -> Module Manager -> Edit screen.modules.edit.15 screen.modules.edit Unknown
System Information Help -> System Info Under Construction, Welcome for more edits
Front Page Manager Content -> Front Page Manager screen.frontpage.15 screen.frontpage To be reviewed
Menu Item Manager Menus -> Menu Item Manager screen.menus.15 screen.menus To be reviewed
Article Manager Content -> Article Manager screen.content.15 screen.content Unknown
Menu Manager Menus -> Menu Manager screen.menumanager.15 screen.menumanager Under Construction, Welcome for more edits
Menu Item Manager - Edit Menus -> [Menu name] -> Edit screen.menus.edit.15 screen.menus.edit Unknown
Extension Uninstaller Extensions -> Install/Uninstall -> Components screen.installer2.15 screen.installer2 Unknown
Module Manager Extensions -> Module Manager screen.modules.15 screen.modules Under Construction, Welcome for more edits
Media Manager Site -> Media Manager screen.mediamanager.15 screen.mediamanager Unknown
Section Manager Content -> Section Manager screen.sections.15 screen.sections Unknown
Menu Manager - New/Edit Menus -> Menu Manager -> New/Edit Under Construction, Welcome for more edits
Menu Item Manager - New Menus -> [Menu name] -> New screen.menus.type.15 screen.menus.type Unknown
Plugin Manager - Edit Extensions -> Plugin Manager -> Edit screen.plugins.edit.15 screen.plugins.edit Unknown
Category Manager Content -> Category Manager screen.categories.15 screen.categories Unknown
Section Manager - New/Edit Content -> Section Manager -> New/Edit screen.sections.edit.15 screen.sections.edit To be reviewed
User Manager Site -> User Manager screen.users.15 screen.users To be reviewed
Polls Manager Components -> Polls screen.polls.15 screen.polls Unknown
User Manager - New/Edit Site -> User Manager -> New/Edit screen.users.edit.15 screen.users.edit To be reviewed
Polls Manager - New/Edit Components -> Polls -> New/Edit screen.polls.edit.15 screen.polls.edit Unknown
Plugin Manager Extensions -> Plugin Manager screen.plugins.15 screen.plugins Unknown
Banner Manager Components -> Banner -> Banners screen.banners.15 screen.banners Unknown
Banner Manager - New/Edit Components -> Banner -> Banners -> New/Edit screen.banners.edit.15 screen.banners.edit Unknown
Category Manager - New/Edit Content -> Category Manager -> New/Edit screen.categories.edit.15 screen.categories.edit Unknown
News Feeds Manager Components -> News Feeds -> Feeds -> New/Edit screen.newsfeeds.edit.15 screen.newsfeeds.edit Unknown
Global Check-in Tools -> Global Check-in screen.checkin.15 screen.checkin Unknown
Contact Manager Components -> Contacts -> Contacts screen.contactmanager.15 screen.contactmanager Unknown