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==Column Headers==
{{colheader|Details Title}}
{{colheader|Details Title}}

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How to Access

Navigate to the the Banner Category Manager. To add a new Banner Category, click on the New icon in the toolbar. To edit an existing Banner Category, click on the Category's Name, or check the Cagetory's checkbox and press the Edit icon in the toolbar.


This is where you add a new Banner Category or edit an existing one. Note that you need to create at least one Banner Category before you can create a Banner. Also, Banner Categories are separate from other types of Categories, such as for Articles, Contacts, News Feeds, and so on.

Note that the screen for adding and editing Banner Categories is the same screen used to create Article Categories. However, for Banner Categories, the only required field is the Title. Published, Section, Category Order, and Access Level are not used. An Image and Description may be entered, but they are not displayed on the web site.



Column Headers

  • Title. Enter the Title for this item.
  • Alias. The internal name of the item. Normally, you can leave this blank and Joomla! will fill in a default value. The default value is the Title or Name in lower case and with dashes instead of spaces. You may enter the Alias manually. The Alias should consist of lowercase letters and hyphens (-). No blank spaces or underscores are allowed. The Alias will be used in the URL when SEF is activated. Note: If the title consists of non-Latin characters, the Alias will default to the current date and time, for example "2009-02-11-17-54-38".
  • Published. This field is not used for Banner Categories.
  • Section. This displays 'N/A' for not applicable, since Sections are not used for Banners.
  • Category Order. This field is not used for Banner Categories.
  • Access Level. This field is not used for Banner Categories.
  • Image. Image for this Page. Image must be located in the folder "images/stories". You will not normally use an Image for a Banner Category, since it will not display on the page.
  • Image Position. Position of the Image on the page. Select Left or Right from the drop-down list box.
  • Description. Option description for this Banner Category. This description is just for your information and will not display on the page.
  • Image Button. This command is not normally used for Banner Categories.


At the top right you will see the toolbar:

Banner edit toolbar.png

  • Save. Save it and return to editing the menu details.
  • Apply. Save it, but stay in the same screen. If you have been working on a screen for a long time and don't want to risk losing your work, pressing Apply saves your work and lets you continue working. If, for example, you lost your Internet connection, your work will be saved up this point.
  • Cancel. Go back to the main screen of the Manager, without saving the modifications you made.
  • Help. Opens this Help Screen.

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