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With the help of the Front Page Manager you can set the display order of the articles visible on the Home page of your site.

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Version Changes

  • In Joomla! 1.5 the filter field was completed with the Go and Reset buttons.
  • The Select State drop down filter is a new feature as well. You can narrow the list for the published/unpublished articles by selecting the appropriate option.
  • The Access column is renamed to Access Level.
  • The icons of the Reorder column are moved to the Order column.
  • The columns can be sorted ascending/descending by clicking the column header.

Column Headers


Typical Usage

When you enter the administration back-end, the shortest way to open the Front Page Manager is clicking its quick icon in the Control Panel. Later you can access it from Content -> Front Page Manager menu item.

The items can be moved up/down by clicking the arrows in the list, or they can be renumbered by entering a value in the field next to the arrow. In this case the order should be saved by clicking the floppy icon.

The four drop down lists make you easier to narrow the list of your choice, or you can enter a string in the Filter field and only the matching articles will be listed.

Quick Tips

As the articles can be reordered, you can place an older one at the top, so it will be the first rendered on the front-end.

Points to Watch

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The number of the items listed here depends on two things. The article should be set to display on the front page in the Article Manager or in the Article [Edit] screen. The values of the # Leading and # Intro basic parameters of the Home menu item control the amount of the articles published here.