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The Menu Manager controls the framework, or container of the menu(s) in Joomla!. The actual menu functionality and appearance of a menu is created automatically by Joomla! by triggering a new instance of [mainmenu] when a menu is first created. It is this, together with the menu item(s) selected, that creates the finished menu.

Screen menu manager 15.png

Version Changes

New in Joomla! 1.5:

  • Type column
  • ID column

Column Headers

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Typical Usage

Using Menu Manager you can create your menus containing your menu items. This screen summarizes the details of the available menus by displaying the number of published/unpublished, trashed menus and the number of the modules.

You can create a new menu by clicking the New toolbar button. You can edit an existing one by selecting it and clicking the Edit button on the toolbar or by clicking its title. When you want to create a copy of a menu just select it and click the Copy toolbar button and the following screen will be displayed:

Screen menu manager copy 15.png

As you see, the copying menu and its contained menu items are also listed on this screen.

You should fill in two fields:

  • Enter the title in the New Menu Title field.
  • Type in the module name in the New Module Name field.

Click the Copy toolbar button to complete the process. When all things considered and you decide not to create the copy of the menu, then click the Cancel button on the toolbar.

You can remove an unnecessary menu by selecting it and clicking the Delete toolbar button and the following screen will be loaded:

Screen menu manager delete 15.png

The details are summarized on this screen, so it easier for you to make your decision. Click the Delete toolbar button to complete the process. When all things considered and you decide not to remove the copy of the menu, then click the Cancel button on the toolbar.

Quick Tips

It is expedient to give talkative title for new menus because later you will see it in the Backend Menus menu. Its is good idea to fill in the Description field where you can give some information about the menu. As well it is expedient to enter a short title in the Modul title field, with this name you can identify the module in the Module Manager that belongs to the respective menu.

Create a copy in the Module Manager

Though you can create a copy of a selected menu by clicking the Copy toolbar button, you can make another instance in the Module Manager easier.

Points to Watch

Creating a new menu

When you want to create a new menu, in the Unique Name field use only english alphanumeric characters without space to identify an unique name. It is good idea using only a-z, 0-9 and underscore (_) characters. Please read the tooltips as well!

Deleting an existing menu

If you delete an existing menu, do not forget that all of menuitems of the respective menu will be also deleted. So think over what you do!


Each menu is a copy of the mod_mainmenu module. These modules are listed in the Module Manager and their details and parameters can be customized by opening them.

The menu items belonging to a specific menu listed in the Menu Item Manager can be accessed by clicking the icon in the Menu Item(s) column of the Menu Manager.