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((toolbaricon | Palīdzība))
((toolbaricon | Palīdzība))
==Quick Tips==
[[Image: Example.jpg]] == Quick Tips ==
*You must create at least one News Feed Category before you can create any News Feeds.
* Jums ir jāizveido Vismaz viena News Feed Category pirms varat Izveidot jebkādu News Feeds.
==Related Information==
==Related Information==

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How to Access

Select Components → News Feeds → Categories. Once at the News Feeds Category Manager, from the toolbar, select New.


The New/Edit page for the News Feeds Category Manager is a create/edit screen that allows website administrators to create or edit News Feed Categories. Categories allow a broken down structure of News Feeds. You must have at least one category before you can create any News Feeds!


News feed category edit.png

Column Headers

  • Title. The name of the item. For a Menu Item, the Title will display in the Menu. For an Article, Section, or Category, the Title may optionally be displayed on the web page. This entry is required. You can open the item for editing by clicking on the Title.
  • Alias. The internal name of the item. Normally, you can leave this blank and Joomla! will fill in a default value. The default value is the Title or Name in lower case and with dashes instead of spaces. You may enter the Alias manually. The Alias should consist of lowercase letters and hyphens (-). No blank spaces or underscores are allowed. The Alias will be used in the URL when SEF is activated. Note: If the title consists of non-Latin characters, the Alias will default to the current date and time, for example "2009-02-11-17-54-38".
  • Published. Whether the item has been published or not. You can change the Published state by clicking on the icon in this column.
  • Section. Not used here.
  • Category Order. Where this category shall be placed.
  • Access Level. Who has access to this item. Current options are:
    • Public: Everyone has access
    • Registered: Only registered users have access
    • Special: Only users with author status or higher have access
You can change an item's Access Level by clicking on the icon in the column.
  • Image. Image for this Page. Image must be located in the folder "images/stories".
  • Image Position. Position of the Image on the page. Select Left or Right from the drop-down list box.


Tajā aug labi, jūs redzēsiet šo rīkjosla:

Banner edit toolbar.png ((toolbaricon | Saglabāt)) ((toolbaricon | Lietot)) ((toolbaricon | Cancel)) ((toolbaricon | Palīdzība))

Documentation all together tranparent small.png == Quick Tips ==

  • Jums ir jāizveido Vismaz viena News Feed Category pirms varat Izveidot jebkādu News Feeds.

Related Information