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In this screen you have the ability to create a new feed (when you click on the 'New' button in the News Feed Manager), or to edit an existing feed (when you select a feed and click on the 'Edit' button in the News Feed Manager).


Screen newsfeeds edit 15.png

Details and description

You will see different fields where you can fill in or edit information of the feed. These are:

Name: Fill in the name of the feed. This field is required.

Alias: This name is a shortened title of the feed, used when using SEF.

Published: Select Yes when you want the section to be published, and No when you do not want the section to be published.

Category: Choose the category you want this feed to belong to.

Link: Enter the link to the news feed. This should begin with 'http://'.

Number of Articles: Enter the number of articles from the feed which will be available to your users. The default is 5.

Cache Time: Enter how long you want to cache the feed locally (in seconds). Caching longer reduces network traffic, but can result in your feed being less up to date. Default is 3600 (1 hour).

Order: The order of the feed in the category. When creating a new feed, it will have the default setting of the last place. The order can be changed after the feed is saved.

RTL Feed: Check this box if the feed is right-to-left.


At the top right you will see the toolbar:

Screen newsfeeds edit toolbar.png

The functions are:

Save: Save the feed and return to the main screen of the News Feed Manager

Apply: Save the feed , but stay in the News Feed New or Edit screen.

Cancel: Go back to the main screen of the News Feed Manager, without saving the feed you edited or created.

Help: Open the Help Screen for the News Feed Manager: New/Edit. That is the same screen as this Help Screen.

Version Changes

Joomla! 1.0 did not have the alias field, or the option to specify right-to-left feed.

Typical Usage

You will use the News Feed Manager New/Edit when you want to add a new feed, or edit an existing feed. Here you will find some of the reasons for the use of this screen.

  • You want to create a new feed.
  • You want to change the name or alias of a feed.
  • You want to change the category of a feed.
  • You want to change the link to a feed.
  • You want to change the number of articles to display.
  • You want to change the cache time of a feed.
  • You want to change the order of a feed within it's category.

Points to Watch

  • Title of the feed is required.
  • Feed categories must be added before adding the feed.
  • The Alias will be used in the URL when SEF is activated.
  • The Alias should consist of lowercase letters, and no blank spaces are allowed. Use a hyphen (-) instead.


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