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Sticky: please clarify

Perhaps I am misunderstanding how the sticky banner works, but I am long-time user of Joomla 1.0 and do not find the "Sticky" concept intuitive or properly documented.

After trying out the new banner system in 1.5, I could not figure out the sticky function/concept. Google led me to the Joomla forum, where someone else was similarly confused. We were pointed to this page, and it's still not clear.

The "sticky" feature is not explained in the info boxes or help manual in Joomla 1.5. In the documentation here, the phrase "taking priority over" is an incorrect description if in fact *only* sticky banners will display. In the example given in the documentation here, sticky banners display *instead of* non-sticky banners, which will *never* display.

I agree that the "sticky" concept is not intuitive. If someone has a better understanding of it (for example, why you would want banners "sticky" or not), please feel free to expand or change the explanation here. Mark