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This Module creates a RSS Feed link for the page. This allows a User to create a newsfeed for the current page. An example is shown below.

Syndicate module example.png

The Module Type name for this Module is "mod_syndicate". It is not related to any other component.

Module Parameters

J16 mod syndicationfeeds basic.JPG
  • Caching. Always set to "Never".
  • Text. Text to be displayed next to the RSS Link button. If left blank, the default text "Feed Entries" will display. If you do not want to display any text, type a space inside double quotes (" ").
  • Format. Format of the newsfeed. Options are RSS 2.0 or Atom 1.0.
  • Module Class Suffix. A suffix applied to the CSS class of the Module. This allows you to create customized CSS styles that will apply just to this module. You would then modify the "template.css" file of your template to apply styling to this new class.
    • Enter this parameter with a leading space to create a new CSS class for this module. Enter the parameter without a leading space to change the CSS class name for this module.
    • See the tutorial Using Class Suffixes in Joomla! 1.5/1.6 for more information.

Advanced Options

J16 mod advanced 3.JPG