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How to Access

To add the Wrapper module, go to your site back-end. Using the top menu, go to Extensions -> module manager and select "new". Then, select "Who's Online.

To manage an existing Wrapper module, open the module from the Module list.


The "Who's Online" module displays information about users that are visiting your site at a particular moment.


Whosonline module example.png

For screenshots of the back-end, refer to the "Options" section.


Basic Options

J16 module whosonline basic.JPG
  • Display.
    • # of Guests / Members. Display the total number of Guests (Users who are not logged in) and Members (Users who are logged in).
    • Member Names. Display a list of the names of Members logged in. No count of Guests will display.
    • Both. A count of users and a list of Member Names will both display.
  • Link Choose wether or not the module should link to user date. Only applies to registered guest, when Display is set to "Member Names" or "Both"
  • Data
    • Profile Link to the user's profile page
    • Contact Link to the user's associated contact page

Advanced Options

J16 mod advanced 3.JPG

Quick Tips

  • Most people prefer not to use the "Who's Online" module when they've got little visitors.
  • If you set the cache time for this module too long, the number of visitors will incorrect as the module takes users in account that visited your site x minutes ago.