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==Related Information==
==Related Information==
* To install templates: [[Help16:Extensions_Extension_Manager_Install|Extension Manager: Install]]
* To install templates: [[Help16:Extensions_Extension_Manager_Install|Extension Manager: Install]]
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This screen is accessed from the back-end Joomla! administrator panel. It is used to edit template master files and associated stylesheets.

How to Access

Navigate to the Template Manager: Templates screen. To edit a template, click on the templates's name.


This is where you edit a template's source code. You can edit the template's master files and stylesheets from this screen.


Help16-extensions-template manager-templates-edit.png

Details and Options

Template Master Files

  • Edit main page template. The primary file used for the template's layout.
  • Edit error page template. The template layout for the site's error pages.
  • Edit print view template. The template layout for the site's print view function.


This section contains all of the template's editable stylesheets. Click on a stylesheet's name to edit its source code.


At the top right you will see the toolbar:

Help16-extensions-template manager-templates-edit-toolbar.png
  • Close. Returns to the previous screen without saving your work. If you press Close while adding a new item, this new item will not be created. If you were modifying an existing item, the modifications will not be saved.
  • Help. Opens this Help Screen.

Quick Tips

  • Before editing the HTML and the CSS file of the template, it is a good idea to make a backup of the file you are editing. Also, you can edit these files outside of Joomla! using the HTML or CSS editor of your choice.

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