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(Site Menu)
(Site Menu)
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| config/application
| config/application
| [[screen.config.15|screen.config]]
| [[screen.config.15|screen.config]]
| Dave Harker (LegacyDave)
| review
| [[Help16:Site Maintenance Global Check-in|Site_Maintenance_Global_Check-in]]
| [[Help16:Site Maintenance Global Check-in|Site_Maintenance_Global_Check-in]]

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Site Menu

Joomla 1.6.x key ref and help screen Menu path in Joomla! 1.6.x Component/view Equivalent 1.5.x key reference Status
Site_Control_Panel Site -> Control Panel cpanel/cpanel screen.cpanel Reviewed by Max
Site_Global_Configuration Site -> Global Configuration config/application screen.config review
Site_Maintenance_Global_Check-in Site -> Site Maintenance -> Global Check-in checkin/checkin screen.checkin Josh (coder4life)
Site_Maintenance_Clear_Cache Site -> Site Maintenance -> Clear Cache cache/cache screen.cache Josh (coder4life)
Site_Maintenance_Purge_Expired_Cache Site -> Site Maintenance -> Purge Expired Cache cache/purge Josh (coder4life)
Site_System_Information Site -> System Information admin/sysinfo Josh (coder4life)

Users Menu

Joomla 1.6.x key ref and help screen Menu path in Joomla! 1.6.x Component/view Equivalent 1.5.x key reference Status
Users_User_Manager Users -> User Manager users/users screen.users Javier Ballester
Users_User_Manager_Edit Users -> User Manager -> New/Edit users/user screen.users.edit Javier Ballester
Users_Groups Users -> Groups users/groups Javier Ballester
Users_Groups_Edit Users -> Groups -> New/Edit users/group Javier Ballester
Users_Access_Levels Users -> Access Levels users/levels Javier Ballester
Users_Access_Levels_Edit Users -> Access Levels -> New/Edit users/level Javier Ballester
Users_Mass_Mail_Users Users -> Mass Mail Users users/mail screen.users.massmail Javier Ballester

Menus Menu

Joomla 1.6.x key ref and help screen Menu path in Joomla! 1.6.x Component/view Equivalent 1.5.x key reference Status
Menus_Menu_Manager Menus -> Menu Manager menus/menus screen.menumanager Isac Benvenuti
Menus_Menu_Manager_Edit Menus -> Menu Manager -> New/Edit menus/menu Gauurang Khanna
Menus_Menu_Item_Manager Menus -> [Menu name] menus/items screen.menus Gauurang Khanna
Menus_Menu_Item_Manager_Edit Menus -> [Menu name] -> New/Edit menus/item screen.menus.edit Gauurang Khanna

Content Menu

Joomla 1.6.x key ref and help screen Menu path in Joomla! 1.6.x Component/view Equivalent 1.5.x key reference Status
Content_Article_Manager Content -> Article Manager content/articles screen.content Anja Hage
Content_Article_Manager_Edit Content -> Article Manager -> New/Edit content/article screen.content.edit Anja Hage
Components_Content_Categories Content -> Category Manager categories/categories screen.content.categories Anja Hage
Components_Content_Categories_Edit Content -> Category Manager -> New/Edit categories/category screen.content.categories.edit Anja Hage
Content_Featured_Articles Content -> Featured Articles content/featured screen.frontpage Anja Hage
Content_Media_Manager Content -> Media Manager media/media screen.mediamanager Anja Hage

Components Menu

Joomla 1.6.x key ref and help screen Menu path in Joomla! 1.6.x Component/view Equivalent 1.5.x key reference Status
Components_Banners_Banners Components -> Banners -> Banners banners/banners screen.banners Not started
Components_Banners_Banners_Edit Components -> Banners -> Banners -> New/Edit banners/banner screen.banners.edit Not started
Components_Banners_Clients Components -> Banners -> Clients banners/clients screen.banners.client Not started
Components_Banners_Clients_Edit Components -> Banners -> Clients -> New/Edit banners/client screen.banners.client.edit Not started
Components_Banners_Tracks Components -> Banners -> Tracks banners/tracks Not started
Components_Banners_Categories Components -> Banners -> Categories categories/categories screen.banner.categories Not started
Components_Banners_Categories_Edit Components -> Banners -> Categories -> New/Edit categories/category screen.banner.categories.edit Not started
Components_Contacts_Contacts Components -> Contacts -> Contacts contact/contacts screen.contactmanager Not started
Components_Contacts_Contacts_Edit Components -> Contacts -> Contacts -> New/Edit contact/contact screen.contactmanager.edit Not started
Components_Contact_Categories Components -> Contacts -> Categories categories/categories screen.contact_details.categories Not started
Components_Contact_Categories_Edit Components -> Contacts -> Categories -> New/Edit categories/category screen.contact_details.categories.edit Not started
Components_Messaging_Write Components -> Messaging -> New Private Message screen.messages.edit Reviewed by Max
Components_Messaging_Inbox Components -> Messaging -> Read Private Messages messages/messages screen.messages.inbox Reviewed by Max
Components_Messaging_Read Components -> Messaging -> Read Private Messages -> [Message] messages/message Reviewed by max
Components_Newsfeeds_Feeds Components -> Newsfeeds -> Feeds newsfeeds/newsfeeds screen.newsfeeds Reviewed by Max
Components_Newsfeeds_Feeds_Edit Components -> Newsfeeds -> Feeds -> New/Edit newsfeeds/newsfeed screen.newsfeeds.edit Reviewed by Max
Components_Newsfeeds_Categories Components -> Newsfeeds -> Categories categories/categories screen.newsfeeds.categories Reviewed by Max
Components_Newsfeeds_Categories_Edit Components -> Newsfeeds -> Categories -> New/Edit categories/category screen.newsfeeds.categories.edit Reviewed by Max
Components_Search Components -> Search search/searches screen.stats.searches Review
Components_Weblinks_Links Components -> Weblinks -> Links weblinks/weblinks screen.weblink Denis Mouraux
Components_Weblinks_Links_Edit Components -> Weblinks -> Links -> New/Edit weblinks/weblink screen.weblink.edit Denis Mouraux
Components_Weblinks_Categories Components -> Weblinks -> Categories categories/categories screen.weblinks.categories Denis Mouraux
Components_Weblinks_Categories_Edit Components -> Weblinks -> Categories -> New/Edit categories/category screen.weblinks.categories.edit Denis Mouraux
Components_Redirect_Manager Components -> Redirect Manager redirect/links Scott Cooper
Components_Redirect_Manager_Edit Components -> Redirect Manager -> New/Edit redirect/link Scott Cooper

Extensions Menu

Joomla 1.6.x key ref and help screen Menu path in Joomla! 1.6.x Component/view Equivalent 1.5.x key reference Status
Extensions_Extension_Manager_Install Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Install installer/install screen.installer Review
Extensions_Extension_Manager_Update Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Update installer/update Review
Extensions_Extension_Manager_Manage Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Manage installer/manage Review
Extensions_Extension_Manager_Discover Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Discover installer/discover Review
Extensions_Extension_Manager_Warnings Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Warnings installer/warnings Review
Extensions_Module_Manager Extensions -> Module Manager modules/modules screen.modules Chris Davenport
Extensions_Module_Manager_Site_New Extensions -> Module Manager -> Site -> New modules/module screen.modulessite.edit.15 Chris Davenport
Extensions_Module_Manager_Administrator_New Extensions -> Module Manager -> Administrator -> New modules/module screen.modulesadministrator.edit.15 Chris Davenport
Extensions_Module_Manager_Edit Extensions -> Module Manager -> Edit modules/module screen.modules.edit Chris Davenport
Extensions_Plugin_Manager Extensions -> Plugin Manager plugins/plugins screen.plugins James Cutrone
Extensions_Plugin_Manager_Edit Extensions -> Plugin Manager -> Edit plugins/plugin screen.plugins.edit James Cutrone
Extensions_Template_Manager_Styles Extensions -> Template Manager -> Styles templates/styles screen.templates Sun Pietro
Extensions_Template_Manager_Styles_Edit Extensions -> Template Manager -> Styles -> Edit templates/style Scott Cooper
Extensions_Template_Manager_Templates Extensions -> Template Manager -> Templates templates/templates screen.templates Sun Pietro
Extensions_Template_Manager_Templates_Edit Extensions -> Template Manager -> Templates -> Edit templates/template screen.templates Sun Pietro
Extensions_Template_Manager_Templates_Edit_Source Extensions -> Template Manager -> Templates -> [Template] -> Edit [Source] templates/source screen.templates Sun Pietro
Extensions_Language_Manager_Installed Extensions -> Language Manager -> Installed languages/installed screen.languages Review
Extensions_Language_Manager_Content Extensions -> Language Manager -> Content languages/languages Review
Extensions_Language_Manager_Edit Extensions -> Language Manager -> Content -> New/Edit languages/language screen.languages.edit Review