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This is a work in progress and should be used as a guideline for creating help screens for Joomla 1.6. This offers consistency throughout the help screens to allow for easier navigation. Feel free to add to this.

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How is this related to Joomla! Is it a component can be accessed from the front-end and/or back of Joomla!?

How to Access[edit]

The path taken to get to the screen.

  • Select (menu item) → (submenu item) → (ect.) from the drop-down menu of the Joomla! Administrator Panel.


This goes into more detail about what the component does. There should be no specific format to this section because the description should be in direct correlatin with the purpose and functionalitly of the component. There may be many subsections to the description that describe more specific details.


Screenshot overall look of the page.


Describes the available icons and their associated functions for this screen in the toolbar. Use chuncks here because many will be the same for different screens. Best to provide a picture of the toolbar.


Describes the available options for this screen. There may be many links within this screen that group together certain options. Break down these linked screens into separte sub-heads and outline their individual functions. It is also a good idea to include screenshots of these linked screens because their options will be most likely differenet.

Quick Tips[edit]

Gives some advice to a person, recommends the best options based on a wide audience of people.

Related Information[edit]

Should connect other pages of the Help Wiki.