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How to access

To edit an existing user group, navigate to the User Groups tab of the User Manager (Users → User Manager → User Groups). Then

  1. click on the name of the group or
  2. click on the check box for the group and click on the Edit button.

To create a new user group,

  1. select Users → Groups → Add New Group from the menu or
  2. click on the New button in the User Manager: User Groups screen.


In this screen, you can create a new user group or edit an existing user group.


Help16-users groups edit-screen.png

User Group Details

  • Group Title. The name of the group.
  • Group Parent. The parent group of this group. Note that each group inherits the permissions from its parent group. If you do not want this group to inherit any permissions, make its parent group "Public". See ACL Tutorial for Joomla 1.6 for more information.


At the top right you will see the toolbar:

New/Edit User Toolbar

The functions are:

  • Save: Save the updated user and continue editing.
  • Save & Close: Save the updated user and return to the user listings.
  • Save & New: Save the updated user and create a new user
  • Cancel: Cancel the user information and return to the user listings.
  • Help: Brings you to this help screen

Quick tips

  • If a new group will have similar permissions to an existing group, you can save work by making the new group a child of the existing group. That way, you only need to change the permissions that are different for the new group.

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