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This screen is accessed from the back-end Joomla! administrator panel. It will allow you to install language packs for Joomla and any installed extensions.

How to Access

  • Select Extensions → Extension Manager from the drop-down menu of the Joomla! Administrator Panel. Then select the Install Languages menu item in the Extension manager screen that appears.




Column Headers


  • Checkbox. Check this box to select one or more items. To select all items, check the box in the column heading. After one or more boxes are checked, click a toolbar button to take an action on the selected item or items. Many toolbar actions, such as Publish and Unpublish, can work with multiple items. Others, such as Edit, only work on one item at a time. If multiple items are checked and you press Edit, the first item will be opened for editing.
  • Name. The name of the Langauge.
  • Version. The version of the Langauge file. This is the Joomla version it was built for followed by a fullstop and then the subversion of the language pack for that Joomla version (starting at 1). For example a French translation of Joomla for 2.5.9 would be: Joomla
  • Name. The name of the Langauge.
  • Type. The extension type. This should always be package.
  • Details URL. The update URL for the package.
  • ID. This is a unique identification number for this item assigned automatically by Joomla!. It is used to identify the item internally, and you cannot change this number. When creating a new item, this field displays 0 until you save the new entry, at which point a new ID is assigned to it.


At the top right you will see the toolbar:


The functions are:

  • Install. Installs the selected item.
  • Find Langagues. Search for accredited Joomla language packs (similar to the find updates button in the Update Manager)
  • Purge Cache. Clears cached information about available language updates. This will update the list of available language updates shown on this screen.
  • Options. Opens the Options window where settings such as default parameters or permissions can be edited.
  • Help. Opens this help screen.

Links to Other Screens

At the top left, you will see the following five links:

Help-extension manager-install-menu.png