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Web Links Module


How to access

You can access the Weblinks module by either opening an existing Weblinks module in the Module Manager or by creating a new Weblinks Module. You can access the Module Manager by going to Extensions > Module Manager


The Weblinks module will display weblinks from within the Weblinks component.



At the top right you will see the toolbar:


The functions are:

  • Save. Saves the module and stays in the current screen.
  • Save & Close. Saves the module and closes the current screen.
  • Save & New. Saves the module and keeps the editing screen open and ready to create another module.
  • Save as Copy. Saves your changes to a copy of the current module. Does not affect the current module. This toolbar icon is not shown if you are creating a new module.
  • Cancel/Close. Closes the current screen and returns to the previous screen without saving any modifications you may have made.
  • Help. Opens this help screen.


Basic Options

  • Category: Select the Weblinks category from which you want to display the links
  • Count: Choose the number of links you want the module to show.
  • Ordering: Choose the ordering method
    • Title: Order links alphabetically.
    • Order: Sort links based on their ID.
    • Hits: Sort links, based on how often they were opened by your visitors.
  • Direction: Select how you want to apply the method chosen in Ordering
    • Ascending: Start with the lowest value (first letter, id, lowest number of hits) and upwards.
    • Descending: Start with the highest value (last letter, id, highest number of hits) and downwards.
  • Target window: Choose how to open the links.
    • Open in new window: Opens the link in a new window or tab. This is often the preferred method.
    • Open in popup: Opens a pop-up screen.
    • Open in parent: Opens the site in the same window. Deprecated, as it leads your visitor away from your site.
  • Follow / No Follow: Instruct search engines how they should threat the link
    • Follow: The search engine will follow the link
    • No follow: The search engine won't follow the link. This is usefull in some SEO scenarios.
    • Description: Wether or not the description of the link (as added in the Weblinks component) should be shown.
  • Hits: Wether or not the number of clicks for a link should be shown.
  • Count clicks: Wether or not the number of clicks for a link should be recorded.
    • Use global: Use the global settings defined elsewhere.
    • Yes: Enable counting of links (regardless of global settings)
    • No: Disable counting of clicks (regardless of global settings)

Advanced Options

  • Alternative layout Apply an alternative layout or template override
  • Module Class Suffix Apply a CSS suffix to the module
  • Caching. Use Global/No Caching. Whether or not to cache the content of this Module. A setting of "Use Global" will use the Cache Settings from the Global Configuration screen.
  • Cache Time. The length of time, in minutes, before the Module is re-cached.

Menu Assignment

Quick Tips

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