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My Profile[edit]

The "My Profile" page lists personal information about you from your login information, email, personal preferences, and time zone.

Your Login name, Password, and Email are automatically populated from your initial installation. Here, if desired, you can change or edit those settings. If you change Password please remember that it is case sensitive.

If you have several users with Backend access, it is here where a user can select their own Administrative template for the Backend.

If multiple languages are installed, you can select the language you want to use as the default language when you log in.

Many users will install more than one editor and here is where you would select your default editor if different from the site's default editor listed under Global Configuration. If you use an extension such as Editor Switcher, then you would in addition to setting the Editor setting to Editor Switcher here, you would go to the Plugin manager under the Extensions tab and open Editor Switcher and select the default Editor you would want to use.

Another important setting is the setting for Time Zone so your site is synchronized to the time zone you are in.