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  • Type. The type of the content item.
  • Last Updated. The date on which the content item was last re-indexed. Any change to the indexable fields of a content item will automatically cause that content item to be re-indexed.
  • Details. The details of the content item (Published Start, Published End, Content Start, Content End).
  • Raw URL. The non-SEF URL that will be used to retrieve the content item in search results.

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Filter by Type of Content

Select the content item type from the dropdown list.


Filter by Content Maps

Select the content map from the dropdown list.


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  • Index. Runs the Smart Search indexer. A small popup window will appear with a progress bar which advances as the indexing process works through the content on your site. Do not close this popup window until the process is finished.

On sites with a large amount of content this may take a long time (tens of minutes). You should run the indexer after new content has been introduced to your website that the Smart Search function is not automatically aware of. For example, batch importing new content where the importer does not automatically trigger Smart Search to index each new content item.

Note: The Smart Search indexer can also be run from the command-line interface (CLI) if required. See Setting up automatic Smart Search indexing.

{{Chunk30:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_Publish/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_Unpublish/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_Statistics/en|Smart Search}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_Delete/en|content items}} Deleting a content item from Smart Search only deletes it from the index and does not affect the content item itself.

  • Clear Index. Purges the Smart Search index by emptying all index tables. To continue using Smart Search you must click on the Index toolbar icon after purging.

Warning: Purging the index also empties the content filters. You must manually re-enter the content filter settings after a Purge-Index cycle.

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  • If the list is empty then make sure that the Smart Search plugin has been enabled:
    • Go to Extensions → Plugins.
    • Select content from the dropdown headed Select type.
    • Find finder in the list of plugins shown.
    • If there is a green tick Help30-Article-status-featured-published-feature-manager-en.png in the Status column for Smart Search then the Smart Search plugin has been enabled. If there is red circle Help30-Article-status-not-published-feature-manager-en.png then the Smart Search plugin is currently disabled.
  • To enable the Smart Search plugin:
    • Click on the red circle Help30-Article-status-not-published-feature-manager-en.png. This should change to a green tick Help30-Article-status-featured-published-feature-manager-en.png indicating that the Smart Search plugin is now enabled.
    • Click on the Index toolbar icon. This will open a window to show the progress of the indexing operation. The indexing operation may take some time depending on the number of content items on your site and the number of search words and phrases contained in each content item.

A progress bar will indicate how much of the indexing process has been completed so far. Do not close this window until indexing has been completed. On sites with a large amount of content this may take a long time (tens of minutes).

  • If you run the indexer and get an "undefined null" error, then check the permissions on the Joomla /logs directory. The web server needs to have write permission to that directory for the indexer to work.

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