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  • Recipient. The recipient of the message. Click on the "Select User" button Help30-select-user-en.png to open the pop-up, and then, from the list of names, select the user to whom you wish to send the message.

{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Subject/en|}} Just like the subject of an email, it helps if this is a short description of the message body. {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Message/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Toolbar_Header/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Toolbar_Position/en}}



  • Send. Sends the message. Note that the Recipient, Subject and Message fields cannot be blank.

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Only users who are members of the "Super Users" and "Administrator" groups have access to this screen, unless User Group permissions have been altered for this component.

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