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Provides an overview of the user requests as well as their status on a Joomla site.

How to Access[edit]

  • Select Users  Privacy from the dropdown menu of the Administrator Panel.



Column Headers[edit]

In the Privacy Dashboard screen, you will see 2 blocks:

Total Request Count

  • Request Type. Displays the 2 different types of request.
    1. Export: When a user has sent a request for an export of their data.
    2. Remove: When a user has sent a request to be removed.
  • Status. The status of the information request.
    • Invalid: The information request has been invalidated by a Super User.
    • Pending: The user hasn't yet confirmed their information request (Quick Tip).
    • Confirmed: The user has confirmed their information request.
    • Completed: The information request has been completed by a Super User.
  • # of Requests. Displays the number of requests for each type
  • This block displays also the number of Total Requests and the number of Active Requests.

Status Check

  • Published Privacy Policy. (Published/Unpublished)
    Whether the Privacy Policy is published or unpublished.
    • Navigate to Extensions  Plugins  System - Privacy Consent and select your Privacy Article.
    • Once published, you can edit your Privacy Policy article from this screen.
  • Published Request Form Menu Item. (Published/Unpublished)
    Whether the Menu Item (which allows users to send requests) is published or unpublished.
    • To create it, navigate to [Your Menu]  Add New Menu Item  Menu Item Type:Select  Privacy  Create Request.
    • Once published, you can edit your menu item from this screen.
  • Outstanding Urgent Requests. Number of urgent requests which are older than the number of days set in the Privacy Options.
  • Mail Sending Enabled. (Enabled/Disabled) Mail Sending must be enabled, it is a requirement to use the request system.
    To enable navigate to System  Global Configuration  Server  Mail Settings.


At the top right you will see the toolbar.


The functions are:

  • Help. Opens this help screen.
  • Options. Opens the Options window where settings such as default parameters can be edited.

Quick Tips[edit]

  • Users have 2 ways to confirm:
    1. by visiting the URL mentioned in the email sent to the user or
    2. by copying the token from the email and paste it into the form in the given URL. The token is valid for 24 hours.
  • Click on a 'Request Type' to view the requests.
  • In the bottom navigation bar, Messages, the number of unread messages is displayed. Click on it to display the Private Messages screen.

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