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Comment y accéder ?

To create a new Single News Feed Menu Item:

  • Select Menus  [name of the menu] from the drop-down menu on the back-end of your Joomla! installation (for example, Menus  Main Menu).
  • Click the New Toolbar button to create a new menu item.
  • Click the Menu Item Type Select button Help30-Menu-Item-Type-Select-Button-en.png and then click the Single News Feed Menu Item link under Newsfeeds link.

To edit an existing Single News Feeds Menu Item, click its Title in Menu Manager: Menu Items.


Used to show a single RSS News Feed. The News Feed is selected from the list of News Feeds created in New/Edit News Feeds.




Details Tab

For more information please see Menu Item Manager: Details Tab

Required Settings

This layout requires a category selection. This is done in the list box shown above in the screenshot. Select the desired top-level category. All child categories can be shown in the selected category if sub categories are selected to be shown in the 'Category Options' Tab.

  • Feed. The News Feed for this page. Select a feed to display. News Feeds are added using the News Feed Edit/New.
  • Menu Title. The title that will display for this menu item.
  • Parent Item: The menu that this menu item (choice) will be part of. The menus defined for the site will show in the list box.

Advanced Details Tab

Feed Display Options

The List All Categories Layout has the following Feed Display Options, as shown below.


The List All News Feed Categories Layout has the following Feed Display Options, as shown below. In addition to Yes/No or Hide/Show, these options allow the "Use Global" setting. This uses the default value from News Feeds Manager Options.

The Feed Display Options are as follows.

  • Feed Image. (Use Global/Hide/Show) Show or hide the image of News Feeds.
  • Feed Description. (Use Global/Hide/Show) Show or Hide the description text of the News Feed.
  • Feed Content. (Use Global/Hide/Show) Show or Hide the content of News Feeds.
  • Characters Count. (Use Global) Number of characters to display per news feed. '0' will show all the text.
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  • Feed display order. (Use Global/Most recent first/Oldest first) Select the feed display order, most recent first, oldest first, or Global, the setting in News Feeds Options.

Common Options

See Menu Item Manager: Edit/New Menu Item for help on fields common to all Menu Item types, under the Advanced Details Tab which includes:

Module Assignments Tab

See Menu Item Manager: New Menu Item for help on fields in Module Assignments for this Menu Item.


At the top left you will see the toolbar:


The functions are:

  • Save. Saves the menu item and stays in the current screen.
  • Save & Close. Saves the menu item and closes the current screen.
  • Save & New. Saves the menu item and keeps the editing screen open and ready to create another menu item.
  • Save as Copy. Saves your changes to a copy of the current menu item. Does not affect the current menu item.
    Note: This toolbar icon is only shown if you edit an existing menu item.
  • Cancel. Closes the current screen and returns to the previous screen without saving any modifications you may have made.
  • Help. Opens this help screen.

Quick Tips

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