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==Menu Assignment==
==Menu Assignment==
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Latest News Module


This Module shows a list of the most recently published Articles. An example is shown below:File:Help30:Extensions-Module-Manager-Latest-News-example-output.png

The Module Type name for this is "mod_latest". It is not related to any other component.


<translate> At the top left you will see the toolbar:</translate>

[[Image:Help30-Save-SaveClose-SaveNew-SaveCopy-Close-Help-toolbar-<translate> en</translate>.png]]

<translate> The functions are:</translate>

  • Save. Saves the module and stays in the current screen.

{{Chunk30:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_SaveAndClose/<translate> en</translate>|module}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_SaveAndNew/<translate> en</translate>|module}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_SaveAsCopy/<translate> en</translate>|module}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_Cancel/<translate> en</translate>}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_Help/<translate> en</translate>}}


Basic Options


  • Count. The number of Articles to show.
  • Order. Recently Added First or Recently Modified First. Whether to show the Articles based on the date added or the date modified.
  • Authors. Anyone, Added or modified by Me, or Not added or modified by me. Optional filter to limit the display to Articles based on whether they were authored or modified by the current user. Only applies if a user is logged in to the site.
  • Front Page Articles. Show or Hide Articles published to the Front Page.
  • Section ID. Optional filter to select Articles only from specific Sections. Include one or more Section ID numbers, separated by a comma (for example, "12,15").
  • Category ID. Optional filter to select Articles only from specific Categories. Include one or more Category ID numbers, separated by a comma (for example, "12,15").

Advanced Options


  • Caching. Use Global/No Caching. Whether or not to cache the content of this Module. A setting of "Use Global" will use the Cache Settings from the Global Configuration screen.
  • Cache Time. The length of time, in seconds, before the Module is re-cached.

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