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Internal Link - Search

When the Search link is selected, it expands to display the Search layout. This is used to show the Search form and the Search results as shown below. File:Menus-Menu-Item-Search-Results-output.png

Parameters - Basic

The Search Layout has the following Basic Parameters, as shown below.File:Menus-Menu-Item-Search-Results-basic-options-parameters.png

  • Use Search Areas. Whether or not to show the Search Areas check boxes. These check boxes allow a User to limit the search to any combination of Articles, Web Links, Contacts, Categories, Sections, and News Feeds.
  • Show Created Date. Hide or Show the Date and Time the Article was created when displaying the Search results.

Parameters - Component

Search Layout has the following options under Parameters - Component: File:Menus-Menu-Item-Search-Results-component-parameters.png These setting work with the settings in the Search Statistics. If a parameter here is set to 'Yes', 'No', 'Show', or 'Hide', then that action is taken. If a parameter here is set to 'Use Global', then the setting in Search Statistics is used.

  • Gather Search Statistics. Whether or not to enable the gathering of Search Statistics. Yes/No/Use Global.
  • Show Created Date. Whether to Hide or Show the Created Date for an Article. This parameter can be overridden at the Menu Item and Article level.