Menus Menu Item Display Site Configuration

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This is a simplified version of Site Global Configuration, which can change site settings from front end.

How To Access




Details Tab

For more information please see Menu Item Manager: Details Tab

Required Settings


  • Menu Title: The title that will display for this menu item.</translate>


  • Menu Location: The menu that this menu item (choice) will be part of. The menus defined for the site will show in the list box.</translate>

Link Type Options

  • Link Image. Select an image to use with 'Menu Title'. Use 'Add Menu Title' set to 'No' to show just image.
  • Add Menu Title. If optional image is selected, shows a 'Menu Title' next to image. Default is 'Yes'.

Module Assignments Tab

See Menu Item Manager: New Menu Item for help on fields in Module Assignments for this Menu Item.


Front End Screenshot