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Privacy Outline[edit]


The Joomla Privacy Tool Suite consists of the following parts:

  • Administrator Component. Manages User information Privacy requests.
  • Module - Privacy Dashboard. Places a Privacy panel on the Home dashboard.
  • Module - Privacy Requests. Places a Privacy Requests panel on the Privacy dashboard.
  • Module - Privacy Status. Places a Privacy Status panel on the Privacy dashboard.
  • Menu Item - Create Request. Shows a form to display an Information Request. To be created.
  • Plugin - System - Privacy Consent. Adds consent fields to personal information forms such as Registration. To be enabled.
  • Plugin - User - Terms and Condition. Requests user's consent to the site's terms and conditions. To be enabled.
  • Plugin - Content - Confirm Consent. Adds a required checkbox to a form, for example the core contact form. To be enabled.
  • Plugin - Privacy - Various. More plugins, enabled by default, without significant parameters to set.

On installation the Privacy Tool Suite is ready for Administrator use without enabling plugins or creating a menu item.


This is a typical sequence of events:

  • An information request arrives. It must include a valid email address for a data Subject. The Subject does not have to be a registered user. For example, the Subject may be a contact added by an Administrator.
  • If the message is not submitted by the Subject via a site Personal Information form:
    • The Administrator goes to Users  Privacy  Requests  New to create a new information request. A message is sent to the email address provided inviting the Subject to confirm this is a genuine request.
  • If the message is submitted via a site Personal Information form the Subject is sent a confirmation request message automatically.
  • The Subject selects the link in the email message to open the confirmation form. On submission the Subject sees a confirmation message.
  • The Administrator sees that Private Messages in the Title Bar has pending messages. There will also be a system email message.
  • The Administrator goes to Users  Privacy  Requests and sees that the request status has changed to Confirmed.
  • For a data Export request there are adjacent Export and Email buttons.
    • The Administrator selects the Export button to have a look at the data to be exported. This is in XML format but displays sensible in Firefox.
    • The Adminstrator selects the Email button to send the exported data to the Subject.
  • For a data Remove request there is an adjacent Delete button.
    • The Administrator selects the delete button to anonymise the data for the user. The user is no longer able to login.
  • Select the email address of the data Subject to open the Review Information Request form.
  • Select the Complete button in the Toolbar.
  • The Information Requests list shows the Status as Complete and the Action buttons have vanished.

Note that this suite does not display a Cookie permissions form.