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How To Access[edit]

  • Select System  Manage  Scheduled Tasks and push the '+ New' button from the toolbar or..
  • Select System  Manage  Scheduled Tasks and select a Task from the list.


When you create a new Task by pushinh the + New button, you wil see the following screen where you can choose which type of task you want to create. Help-4x-components-scheduler-manager-tasks-new-en.png

Task type Image Size Check[edit]

Check images, resize if larger than allowed. Attention: The original file will be overwritten!


Task type Demo Task - Sleep[edit]

Sleep, do nothing for x seconds.


Task type Stress Memory[edit]

What happens to a task when the PHP memory limit is exhausted?


Task type Stress Memory, Override Limit[edit]

What happens to a task when the system memory is exhausted?


Task type Resumable Task[edit]

A simple task to demonstrate resumable task behaviour.


Task type GET Request[edit]

Make GET requests to a server. Supports a custom timeout and authorization headers.


Task type Toggle Offline[edit]

Toggles the site's status on each run.


Task type Set Site Online[edit]

Sets site status to online on each run.


Task type Set Site Offline[edit]

Sets site status to offline on each run.


Quick Tips[edit]