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{{about|Mediawiki|the Joomla! online help|Help screens}}
This page and the contents of the Help namespace cover the Wiki software used on this server: Mediawiki.
If you are new to Wikis and MediaWiki in particular then you should consult the official '''[ Mediawiki Handbook]''' for information on using this wiki. Users of other wikis (e.g. DokuWiki/JD-Wiki) should make themself familiar with the slightly different [ text formatting and wikitext syntax].
==Recommended readings==
'''Please read the [ Joomla! Editorial Style Guide]''' and have a look at our list of '''[[Project:W2W|Words to Watch]]'''.
{{JDOC:Local wiki references}}
'''Wiki Manual''':
* [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Extended_image_syntax|Extended [Image:] syntax]]
* [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Gallery_tag|<gallery> tag]]
* [[mwhelp:HTML in wikitext|HTML in wikitext]] (if you have to)
* [[mwhelp:Footnotes|References and footnotes]] using <ref> and <references />
* [[mwhelp:Category|Categories]] in MediaWiki
* [[mwhelp:Special pages|Special pages]] provide useful information; [[Special:Specialpages|explore them here]]
== Discussions ==
*'''Talk pages''': Every article and each user has an associated page where messages can be left. These are separate namespaces, "Talk:" and "User talk:". ''Anonymous'' users have been disabled on this wiki.
*'''Message notification''': user gets a "You have new messages" notice if someone else has edited their user discussion page
*'''Automatic signature''': Just type three tildes (~) when you edit, and on saving the page, it will be replaced with your user name and a link to your user page. If you use four tildes, the current date will be added as well. Mainly intended for Talk pages.
* Support for '''emailing users''' through the wiki (email address not shown to the user)
[[Category:Help pages that could be improved]]

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