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This page and the contents of the Help namespace are not related to Joomla! but the Wiki software used on this server: Mediawiki. If you are new to Wikis and MediaWiki in particular then you should consult the User's Guide for information on using this wiki software. Users of other wikis (e.g. DokuWiki/JD-Wiki) should make themself familiar with the slightly different text formatting and wikitext syntax.

Please read the Joomla! Editorial Style Guide.

Recommended readings:

  • List of local wiki templates that can be used in your wiki pages. Templates reduce repetition, typing, and are the basis of modular documentation.
  • List of local wiki extensions that have been installed on this wiki. Extensions provide additionally functionality to the wiki such as syntax highlighting and conditional expressions.
  • List of local interwiki links that are available on this wiki. These provide useful shortcuts to creating URLs to other websites including the Joomla! forum, help screens and issue tracker; as well as links to the PHP documentation or Wikipedia.
  • Wikipedia:Extended image syntax