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This page and the contents of the Help namespace cover the Wiki software used on this server: Mediawiki. If you are new to Wikis and MediaWiki in particular then you can use the JDOC's Wiki Cheatsheet but should consult the official Mediawiki Handbook for detailed information on using this wiki. Users of other wikis (e.g. DokuWiki/JD-Wiki) should make themself familiar with the slightly different text formatting and wikitext syntax.

Recommended readings

Please read the Joomla! Editorial Style Guide and have a look at our list of Words to Watch.


  • List of local wiki templates that can be used in your wiki pages. Templates reduce repetition and are the basis of modular documentation.

</translate> <translate>

  • List of local wiki extensions that have been installed on this wiki. Extensions provide additionally functionality to the wiki such as syntax highlighting and conditional expressions.

</translate> <translate>

  • List of local interwiki links that are available on this wiki. These provide useful shortcuts to creating URLs to other websites including the Joomla! forum, help screens and issue tracker; as well as links to the PHP documentation or Wikipedia.


Wiki Manual:


  • Talk pages: Every article and each user has an associated page where messages can be left. These are separate namespaces, "Talk:" and "User talk:". Anonymous users have been disabled on this wiki.
  • Message notification: user gets a "You have new messages" notice if someone else has edited their user discussion page
  • Automatic signature: Just type three tildes (~) when you edit, and on saving the page, it will be replaced with your user name and a link to your user page. If you use four tildes, the current date will be added as well. Mainly intended for Talk pages.
  • Support for emailing users through the wiki (email address not shown to the user)