How do you use Recaptcha in Joomla?

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Using Recaptcha is a great way of preventing bots from making fake accounts and content on your site.

There are five steps to setting up Recaptcha:

  1. Log in to your administrator back-end (How do I do this?)
  2. Go to Global Configuration, and select the "Site" tab.
    • Choose "Recaptcha" in your "Default Captcha" field.
    • Click Save & Close.
  3. Go to your Plug-In Manager. You can find this under Extension Manager along the top menu or in the buttons on the main page of your Administrator panel.
  4. Edit the Plug-In "Captcha - ReCaptcha"
    • Set Status to "Published"
    • Copy and paste the Public and Private keys in their appropriate fields on the right.
      • Get the Public and Private keys by signing in with your Google account (create an account if you don't have one) here: Create a reCAPTCHA key
      • Register your website domain, and Google will provide you with your ReCaptcha keys.
    • Click Save & Close

That's it! You're done!