How to Organize a JoomlaDay™

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Creating a Joomla!Day requires a combination of good leadership, teamwork, and lots of energy. A successful Joomla!Day isn't measured solely on the number of attendees, but rather the value of the information shared and the new connections made within the local community. This is a simple guide that Joomla!Day organizers can use in creating their own Joomla!Days. Even better, this page should be used by past Joomla!Day organizers to share their knowledge. The more information the better!

Choosing a City

Choosing a Venue

Choosing a Date and Time

Choosing the Schedule Structure

Lecture, breakout rooms, and unconference modes.


Breakout Rooms


Choosing Speakers

Finding Fiscal Support and Sponsors

Running an Efficient Give-Away

Building the Right Website

Legal, Organizational, and Fiscal Considerations