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The code below is used for adding buttons to the back-end toolbar when developing components and modules.

Apply button


Back button


Cancel button


Custom button

  • The syntax for a custom button that can be added into a view
JToolBarHelper::custom( 'task', 'icon', 'icon over', 'alt', boolean, boolean );
  • The Default Admin Toolbar Icons are stored at:
  • From here you will notice that the icons are linked to display through the CSS file at:
  • This icon CSS file is automatically included through the admin template. If we would like to add a custom toolbar icon into an installable component it is useful to follow the same structure. We will have to manually include our new CSS file.
  • An example of the icon CSS statement:
.icon-32-iconname	{ 
	background-image: url(../../images/icon-32-iconfile.png); 
  • As you can see iconname and iconfile do not necessarily have to be the same.
    • JToolBarHelper will look for the iconname at the end of .icon-32- and the filename must be preceded by icon-32-
  • The following would create this custom toolbar icon, notice the iconname dose not correspond to the actual file name but the CSS allows the reference.
JToolBarHelper :: custom( 'someFunction', 'iconname.png', 'iconname.png', 'alt text', true, true );
  • You can place your icon file and css file at any point in your installable component, which will allow it to be easily transferable.
  • To include a new CSS file to your entire admin side it may be useful to include it in the entry point.
JHTML::_('stylesheet', THISCOMPONENTNAME.css', 'components/THISCOMPONENT/assets/css/');

Upload button

  • Method 1:
// Add an upload button and view a popup screen width 550 and height 400
$alt = "Upload";
$bar=& JToolBar::getInstance( 'toolbar' );
$bar->appendButton( 'Popup', 'upload', $alt, 'index.php', 550, 400 );
  • Method 2:
// You view button for popup media manager tools
JToolBarHelper::media_manager( '/' );