How to override the component mvc from the Joomla! core

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There may be occasions where you would like to override the way a Joomla! Components MVC to add a little new functionality or complete customize a component. Component MVC can be overridden by using a class with same name as we have on a component and we need to loading by using a system plugin before component are dispatched by application.

What you can override on MVC component? - View classes: [Component]View[Name] - Model classes: [Component]Model[Name] - Controller classes: [Component]Controller[Name]

Need to override layout? [[1]]

Getting a head-start with overrides

Override Base Component Controller TEMPLATE_NAME/code/EXTENSION_NAME/CONTROLLER.php Override Another Component Controller TEMPLATE_NAME/code/EXTENSION_NAME/controllers/CONTROLLER_NAME.php


If you use multiple templating on your site you can override by create a "local" folder on root folder and on administrator folder.