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Joomla Bug Squad team uses IRC as one of it's communication channels. Here you can find useful information about using IRC in #joomla-bug-squad and #joomla-dev rooms.

Asking for help from Jools

In our rooms we have a bot. Her name is Jools and you can talk to her with the following commands (the list is not full):

!jbs -- print a link to Bug Squad Portal.

!jcode {ARTIFACT_ID} -- print a link to an artifact in the tracker.

!lastseen {USERNAME} -- displays the last time a user was seen in a room and their last message.

!trunk -- print a link to the root of the trunk.

!trunk {PATH} -- print a link to a particular file or folder (log view).

!trunk {PATH} markup -- get a link to source of some file (in HTML).

!trunk {PATH} markup {REVISION} -- the same but to a file of a particular revision.

!trunk {PATH} blank {REVISION} -- the same but source of some file will be shown as text.

General IRC Commands

There are some commands that users may find helpful in their IRC client. A full list is available at Here are a few for quick reference:

/away {message} -- set an away message for your user (Note: in some IRC clients, this changes the display of your username as well)

/nick {new_name} -- change the display name for your username (the nickname), helpful to quickly mark your name as away.