Inserting a table into an Article

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A table may be inserted in an Article as follows:

  1. Open the article for editing either by:
    • Opening the Article Manager, selecting the article and clicking the Edit toolbar button or,
    • Clicking the Add New Article button in the Control Panel.
  2. With the cursor locate the position in the article where you want to insert a table.
  3. click insert, Insert/modify table opens
  4. select values (with short explanation)
  5. click insert.
  6. enter content into invidual cells

Modifying a table

To add another row:

  1. Select a cell in a row.
  2. Click new row before or after.

To delete a row:

  1. Select a cell in the row you wish to delete.
  2. Click delete row.

To add a new column:

  1. Select a cell in a column adjacent to where you wish to create a new column.
  2. Click new column before or after.

To delete a column:

  1. Select a cell in the column you wish to delete.
  2. Click delete column.