Inserting a table into an Article

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A table may be inserted into an Article as follows:

  1. Open the Article for editing either by:
    • Click the Content > New Article menu item to go to the Article Manager, select the Article and click the Edit toolbar button.
    • Clicking the Add New Article button in the Control Panel.
    • If logged in to the Front-end, you have appropriate permissions and are viewing the Article you wish to edit: Click the Edit toolbar button.
  2. Locate the position in the Article editor where you want to insert a table with the cursor.
  3. Click the Inserts a new table editor toolbar button. The Insert/Modify table screen opens.
  4. Select the number of rows and columns and other parameters according to your requirements.
  5. Click the Insert button.
    • Clicking the Cancel button closes the Insert/Modify table screen.
  6. A blank table will be inserted. Type content into individual cells by clicking in a cell and typing.

Modifying a table

Insert a new row

  • Select a cell in a row above or below where you wish to insert a new row. Click the Insert row before or Insert row after editor toolbar button.

Delete a row

  • Select a cell in the row you wish to delete. Click the Delete row editor toolbar button.

Insert a new column

  • Select a cell in a column adjacent to where you wish to create a new column. Click the Insert column before or Insert column after editor toolbar button.

Delete a column

  • Select a cell in the column you wish to delete. Click the Remove column editor toolbar button.