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Should I install the 1.0.x or 1.5 version of Joomla!?

Your needs and experience should determine which version you install. Factors you might wish to consider include:

   * the importance of specific features or extensions for your site,
   * the expected life span of your site;
   * you and your user's familiarity with Joomla!.
   * A new release will always have more issues than a mature product. You and your user's tolerance for this is something to consider

How much webspace do I need to install Joomla!?

15 megabytes (mb) of disk space should be enough for a default installation without additional component, images, and other media. The database will be small when starting, and will grow when adding more content.

How do I install Joomla! 1.0?

Detailed instructions are available from the Joomla! help site,

How to install Joomla! will depend on what kind of webserver you have, what the settings of the server are, and what permissions you have.

If you have a hosted site, you may have access to fantastico or a similar product via your control panel. This can be an easy way to install Joomla! However, double check to make sure that the current version of Joomla! will be installled.

How do I install Joomla1 1.5?

Instructions for installation can be found here. Installation Guide

How can I avoid having to upload configuration.php in a manual install?


If you manually install Joomla you will get a message during installation that the configuration.php is not writable and the installation process provides you with the entire configuration.php which you have to copy/paste to an editor and upload and name configuration.php to complete installation.

  1. upload your core files to the directory of the server where you want to install Joomla
  2. 2. create an empty configuration.php (either using your filemenager or editing locally and uploading) in the same folder as the Joomla! root.
  3. do the Joomla! installation.

The configuration.php is now written directly in the file system. Make sure the configuration.php is afterwards set to 444 or 644 (not writable) to protect your system.

How do you pre-Install extensions?

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How can I set up/install Joomla on Win XP for local testing?

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How do I fix the "Max Execution Time Exceeded" error?

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How do I upgrade 1.0.x versions?