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Het installeren van templates

Installeer via het Administrator Paneel (Pakketbestand)

Log in de back-end van je site (

Klik op: Extensies -> Installeer/deinstalleer

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Je ziet de pagina "Extension Manager"

Vanaf hier, kan je templates, Plugins, Modules, Componenten en Talen installeren Je hebt 3 opties:

  • Upload Pakketbestand - (select a package from your PC, upload and install it)
  • Installeer vanuit map - (enter the path where the package is located on your server)
  • Installeer vanuit URL - (enter the URL to the package)

Hier, kiezen we de eerste optiee : Upload pakketbestand

Selecteer het pakket van je Pc en klik op de knop "Upload bestand & Installeer"

Tpl tut install template 2.png

Als het pakket geen fouten bevat, ben je klaar en krijg je vervolgens een succes bericht zoals hieronder aangegeven is.

Tpl tut install template 3.png

Install via FTP (unpacked template file)

Templates can also be installed via FTP without packaging them. Simply select the template folder on your PC and upload it to your server, using your favorite FTP software. Be sure you upload the template folder to the directory: /path_to_joomla/templates/ - where /path_to_joomla/ is the location of your Joomla! installation on the server. This method is mostly used when you have created a template yourself, and do not want to have to package it to install the template, or if you want to upload more than one template at once.

Note: Do not try to use FTP to install Components, Modules and Plugins if you are a beginner/novice. These items need database entries which have to be inserted manually if you bypass the package installer.