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We have a Joomla SEF enabled site. We want to display an intro flash page when the request is / and let the Joomla continue to work without touching our site. We have an /intro/index.html that is the intro flash page. We have mod_proxy properly configured (or we must s:P:R to Rewrite flags below)

Modify .htaccess (or equivalent apache configuration file) adding under the line of RewriteBase:

RewriteRule ^$ /intro/ [P]
RewriteRule ^index\.html$ /index.php [P]

Modify the mod_mainmenu in modules/mod_mainmenu/helper.php:

$iSecure = $iParams->def('secure', 0);                                                                                                           
if ($tmp->home == 1) {
  //Change the home to index.html (see .htaccess)
  $tmp->url = JURI::base().'index.html';
} elseif (strcasecmp(substr($tmp->url, 0, 4), 'http') && (strpos($tmp->link, 'index.php?') !== false)) {