Is GNU and Open Source software worth the costs and risks?

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It's difficult, if not impossible, to argue against the value proposition of GNU and Open Source software, although some have tried. Due to zero licensing fees, lower administrative overhead, high-quality code, security releases that are distributed in minutes or hours rather than months or marketing cycles, and free online support from thousands of like-minded developers and users, GNU and Open Source offerings are often the best solution. The math is really quite compelling: Applications Industry Leader Cost GNU/Linux Yes 0 Apache Web Server Yes 0 MySQL Relational Database Yes 0 PHP Scripting Language Yes 0 Joomla! Content Management System Yes 0 Thousands of Joomla Extensions Varies 0 Support Relative Quality Cost Joomla! Project Leadership Team High 0 Joomla! Forge High 0 Joomla! Online Forums High 0 Joomla! Documentation Medium 0 Thousands of Online Volunteers High 0 Paid Professional Support Widely Available 0 Total 0