Issues that affect both the CMS and Platform

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As of version 1.7.0 released July 2011, the Joomla CMS and the Joomla Platform are separate projects. The CMS is now a user or customer of the Platform (libraries/joomla). This means that we need to change the way we work on issues that require changes to the Platform.

First of all, many features only affect one

1. lots of features only touch one or other 1. if cms only, no change to the process 2. if platform only, pull request to github (creates tracker automatically) 3. if a bug fix touches both places: 1. add it to the cms feature or issue tracker 2. normal jbs process 3. when committed, committer will create a github pull request or github tracker issue to notify the platform of the bug fix 1. could create a unit test to test the fix 4. if a feature touches both places: 1. option a 1. do platform changes first 2. then add cms changes through normal channels 2. plan b 1. can set up project so that has the cms pointing to the cms repo and the platform pointing to the platform repo. Can create separate pull requests when feature is done.