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Categories and Sections can be confusing in Joomla. Here are some tips (some what redundant to make sure you understand) to make your life easier:

The organization of a Joomla site goes Section/Category/Article *

  • Every article MUST be in a category in a section. Every article MUST be assigned a category IN THAT SECTION before you can save the article.
    • If you have a category in one section, you may not use it in another; you have to create a similar category in the other section.
  • You must create the category before you can put an article in it. You can't do it while you are writing an article. Do it first.
  • Planning your site
    • Break your content into sections first
    • Then create categories you will want to use to sort articles within that section. You may never use the categories, but you must have them!
      • These categories may be named the same as the categories in another section, but it is best to give them a slightly different name, so you recognize which section they belong in later, when you may see a list of them all mixed together.
    • Even though you don't want categories, you must create them in each section (There, I've said it three times)