Error Component Install: Could not copy PHP install file in 1.5.10

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Due to changes on the file libraries/joomla/installer/adapters/component.php 15217 Custom Install file upgraded on Component installation, some components will not install in version 1.5.10

After installation this error will show:

JInstaller::install: File '/xxxx/tmp/install_49ce897371c92/jfusion.install.php' does not exist.
Component Install: Could not copy PHP install file.

The installer can not find the install.php if this file is not in the root of the component or if the file is not defined to be in a folder on the xml file.

e.g the install.php is located in the folder admin and in the xml the install is:
in 1.5.9 the installer could locate the file, in 1.5.10 not anymore.

Workaround to get your component installed for now, change the location in the xml to folder/install.php
e.g if the file is in folder admin