How to move User rating

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This is a core hack. Files you change as described on this page will be overwritten during updates of Joomla!. For more information, see Core hack.

Only real solution I found is a hack though, namely in file mambots/content/mosvote.php. Change

$_MAMBOTS->registerFunction( 'onBeforeDisplayContent', 'botVoting' );


$_MAMBOTS->registerFunction( 'onAfterDisplayContent', 'botVoting' );

This is relevant to version 1, however for version 1.5 mambots have become plugins, therefore you should look for the file /plugins/content/vote.php

and change

$mainframe->registerEvent( 'onBeforeDisplayContent', 'plgContentVote' );


$mainframe->registerEvent( 'onAfterDisplayContent', 'plgContentVote' );