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Retrieving parameter data in a template file

To retrieve a Parameter in your template file use the function call

$myParam = $this->params->get( 'parameterName' ); 

For example, retrieve the two Parameters we set on the page Defining a parameter in templateDetails.xml

For the templateColor Parameter we have set the option values blue, red, green and black, this values refers to a CSS file. So we set a link to the color CSS file.

$tplColor = $this->params->get( 'templateColor' );
$this->addStyleSheet( $this->baseurl  .'/templates/'. $this->template .'/css/'. $tplColor .'.css' );

For the authorCopyright Parameter we have set the option values 0 and 1 to hide or show a copyright notice for i.e. on the end of the template.

<?php if ($this->params->get( 'authorCopyright' )) : ?>   
     <div class="copyright">
         Your code...
<?php endif; ?>