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The "J1.5" namespace is an archived namespace. This page contains information for a Joomla! version which is no longer supported. It exists only as a historical reference, it will not be improved and its content may be incomplete and/or contain broken links.

JPane class types include 'Tabs' and 'Sliders'.

Sliders implement the mootools accordian effect. Examples are the Joomla Admin parameters settings. Tabs also implement mootools (but in which degree?)

startPane and endPane() require a string identifier.

JPanes contain Panels

startPanel() and endPanel() require name and ID parameters.

You can set some options in the getInstance method.

JPane options[edit]

startOffset: The default tab/slider to start with (zero based index).
allowAllClose: Can we close all sliders (=true) or may always have one open (=false).
opacityTransition: show a fading Transition (=true or =false) when opening or closing the slider/tab.
duration: Time duration to display or close the slider/tab in milliseconds (default : 300).

onActive: Another function to use when making a tab active (??)
onBackground: Another function to use when making a tab dissapear (??)


//1st Parameter: Specify 'tabs' or 'sliders' as appearance 
//2nd Parameter: Array with 4 parameters (optionnal)
//	- 'startOffset' : Starting with third tab(=2) as the default (zero based index)
//	- 'allowAllClose' : Determine if all tabs or sliders can be closed (=true) or if there must always be almost one tab/slider opened (=false)
//	- 'opacityTransition' : Specify if a fade Transition must be use when opening or closing the slider/tab (true or false)
//	- 'duration' : Time duration to display or close the slider/tab in milliseconds  (default : 300)
$pane =& JPane::getInstance('tabs', array('startOffset'=>2, 'allowAllClose'=>true, 'opacityTransition'=>true, 'duration'=>600)); 
echo $pane->startPane( 'pane' );
echo $pane->startPanel( 'Example Panel 1', 'panel1' );
echo "This is panel1";
echo $pane->endPanel();
echo $pane->startPanel( '<h3>Example Panel 2</h3>', 'panel2' );
echo "This is panel2 with an header3 tag";
echo $pane->endPanel();
echo $pane->startPanel( 'Example Panel 3', 'panel3' );
echo "This is panel3";
echo $pane->endPanel();
echo $pane->endPane();

Don't forget the echo's!! Thanks to tcp for this post: FYI - Change in usage of JPane Also notice that the useCookies in the comments in the code or on the api, do NOT seem to be implemented

Adding onClick to Tab[edit]

Looking in JTabs source, you will found that there are two more options can be set; onActive and onBackground event. This is easy to add if you familiar with PHP and JavaScript. But I will show you how to do in an easy way (but may not a best practic). Look back to JPane->startPanel(..,...), for the first parameter you can add tag to it instead of normal text. So, I just add span tag to the tab title and set onClick to do something.

$pane = & JPane::getInstance('Tabs'); 
echo $pane->startPane('doc') ;
echo $pane->startPanel('<span onclick="document.adminForm.job_id.value=0;">Summary</span>','doc-summary') ;
echo $this->loadTemplate('summary');
echo $pane->endPanel();
foreach($this->jobs as $job)
      $this->job = $job;
      if ($this->doc->type_id == CP_CLEARING_REQ)
          $this->refJob = null;
          foreach ($this->refJobs as $refJob) {
              if ( ($refJob->project_no==$job->project_no) && ($refJob->subproject_code==$job->subproject_code) )
                 $this->refJob = $refJob;
      echo $pane->startPanel('<span onclick="document.adminForm.job_id.value='.$job->id.';">'.$job->project_no.'/'
           .$job->subproject_code."</span>", 'job-'.$job->id);
      echo $this->loadTemplate('job');
      echo $pane->endPanel();	
echo $pane->endPane() ;