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How do you remove or change the "Welcome to the Frontpage" title?

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Revision as of 12:49, 1 September 2013 by Tom Hutchison (Talk | contribs)

Changed to Archived J1.5, but don't know how to get that banner about Archived namespace. Sovainfo (talk) 13:09, 1 September 2013 (CDT)

You have to move it to the namespace J1.5. Move page, new choices are:
Article Move to Namespace.png
Reason, archiving version or something along those lines. The Archived header is rendered automatically, you need to do nothing else. Currently, J1.5, Archived and the API## namespaces will display the banner about the article being archived. They are also downgraded to a lower priority for search engines so their results will fall to the bottom of searching on search engines. Thanks! Any more questions, please ask. You brought up a great point though, we need better instructions for archiving. Tom Hutchison (talk) 13:49, 1 September 2013 (CDT)