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Upgrading 1.5 from an existing 1.5x version

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I would recommend that MD5 hashes be dropped from this page as it creates a maintenance problem. Instead, simply provide instructions on how to get the MD5's from Chris Davenport 06:12, 6 July 2008 (EDT)

That is an excellent idea. I will try to get that done for today's release. Thanks, Chris. AmyStephen 09:39, 6 July 2008 (EDT)

Shouldn't this page explain how to upgrade 1.5 from an existing 1.5x version?

This article does a good job of explaining how to get the patch, that you need to back up and test on a backup copy of your site, and how to unpack files and everything, but it doesn't whatsoever explain how to actually perform the upgrade. It's nice that you want to explain four different ways to get your files unpacked at your server. However, isn't the supposed purpose of an article like this to explain *where* to unpack them on your server, and just maybe what to do after you unpack them? This goes right from unpacking the files to testing the patch-- where's the upgrade step? How should the reader know which files and directories to overwrite when performing the upgrade? Oskay 05:08, 1 September 2008 (EDT)

The upgrade step is step 6. If you think that the wording is not clear then please suggest alternative wording. Thanks. Chris Davenport 05:32, 1 September 2008 (EDT)

Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply. I am a little bit confused too. Step 6 is "Install the patch package on your live site"; however, the explanations are only about how to unpack and upload the files on the server. They don't really explain how to do the INSTALL part – which is the most important? In my opinion, the main question that is not answered is: what do we have to do after we upload the files on the server or where do we upload the files to? Do we create a new folder on the website and copy the new files from the upgrade package there? Do we overwrite the old files with the new ones from the upgrade package? Do you edit the old files and add the code from the new ones? Is there an install link such as "" and if there is, what do we do next? Are there any changes to the database we need to be worried about? Most of the people that perform an upgrade most likely have a customized template to their site. Is there anything extra we need to do to assure the security of our website/template? Also, if we overwrite all the files from the upgrade package on an existing website, we may loose our custom work (such as a custom template), or any additional modules we may have implemented. Having said that, how do we upload the new files without loosing our work? Is there a trick or something to smooth things out? I think this is what is missing from the article in my opinion. Thanks for your time!